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Happy Easter

069: Kubernetes 1.10, Docker Deathwatch, Breaches, Gone, Ansible, and More

What a big week for tech news! On Monday, the first Kubernetes release of 2018 dropped like the world’s hottest mixtape; Kubernetes 1.10 is out! On Wednesday, we saw what I believe to be the next step in Docker’s death; Solomon Hykes is out! More on that below. We also witnessed yet another big-time company get hit by WannaCry; Boeing. Boeing is the latest victim of poor IT practices as it found itself fighting the fast-spreading virus. Read more →

Cascades from Mt. Rainier by Kris Nova

062: Saddling Up, Mergers, Deaths, What’s Up with 18F, Chaos Engineering, Performance Impact of Meltdown and More!

This was a very interesting week for me. I participated in a chronic pain treatment study at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital early Tuesday morning. The experience, while odd, went incredibly well. Today is the first day I have felt noticeable pain which is likely due to managing Max at my nephew’s birthday date. If you know me, you know this is an incredible feat. On Thursday, I attended a brand new Kubernetes Meetup in Downtown Detroit. Read more →

Mohnfeld by Olli Henze

024: Week of 1495339200

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like more of a consultant than a full-time employee? That was my week. I do not mind it at all. But, sometimes it’s nice to not be bombarded with questions all week long. Also, I hate building VPNs. In other news, I received a request to make the newsletter more responsive and readable. If you are reading this in a mail client then you should be benefitting from the hour or so I put into the new template. Read more →

2016 has come to an end. For auld lang syne, my dear!

004: Week of 1483246800

2016 has come to an end. For auld lang syne, my dear! 2016 has gotten a pretty bad rap (deservedly so, in my opinion). Let’s try to leave the past where it is, dump the negative energy, and wake up to new opportunities. I like this time of year for the wrap-up pieces and year in reviews. Here are a few that I enjoyed this week: Predictions for DevOps in 2017 Read more →