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DevOps’ish 007: Week of 1485061200

What a busy week in the land of DevOps! It seems like everyone has shaken off the holidays and snow days. So without further adieu let’s get to it!

Department of Choice Concepts

Breanne Boland has a great piece on lessons learned during her first year as a software engineer. “Timing is everything” as always but her point on curiosity is spot on.

The Cloudcast had a fantastic episode titled, “Balancing Monolithic Apps and Microservices”. I had a lightbulb click on for one of the products I support while listening to this episode. Everyone has legacy infrastructure. This episode discusses a strategy to deal with the older parts of your applications.

Grant Shipley shared how to get a full blown OpenShift cluster up and running in thirty minutes. OpenShift is looking more and more appealing.

Jessie Frazelle hacked the bejesus out of CoreOS’ Container Linux. She put graphics drivers in CoreOS, y’all… Graphics drivers! Jess is a glutton for punishment and I admire the hell out of her for it.

Eric Raymond is making the next version of NTP, aptly named NTPsec. He recently made a comparison of Rust vs. Go for the NTPsec project that is a good assessment of both languages.

Department of Dafuq

Remember last week, when I linked to a piece from Red Hat about SELinux stopping a Docker bug dead in its tracks? Docker is not too happy about that for some reason.

Bruh… Please. No one on Tinder wants to look at your code.

Department of Data Defense

Google shared their infrastructure security design with the world. They go through a lot of effort to secure the data that makes them dominate. Google’s security measures are deep, “We also design custom chips, including a hardware security chip that is currently being deployed on both servers and peripherals. These chips allow us to securely identify and authenticate legitimate Google devices at the hardware level.”

Department of Refreshment and Refurbishment

Cumulus Networks is releasing its own hardware. Cumulus is an open networking operating system and their teams make heavy use of Ansible. It is great to see them branding their own hardware.

Department of Sane Workplaces

yossorion shared their thoughts on what they wish they knew before they joined a unicorn. Thinking about taking equity as compensation? I would recommend reading this.

Jérôme Petazzoni penned a fantastic piece on sexism in our industry. This shit is not okay and our industry HAS to fix this right the fuck now (RTFN).

DevOps’ish One-Liner of the Week

The one true way to grep IP addresses:

egrep -o '[0–9]{1,3}\.[0–9]{1,3}\.[0–9]{1,3}\.[0–9]{1,3}'

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