It has been a very busy week for me. I have been in Scotland since Tuesday. Jet lag is a real thing but, I have to say I have met some of the nicest people here (and I am a Southerner). As far as DevOps this week, I have been head down DevOps’ing. I have also been building bridges between teams in our global company. It is very exciting and despite constantly being tired the connections are happening.

Department of Choice Concepts

The OpenShift Developer Evangelist Team announced this week that they are releasing OpenShift tutorials targeting developers. They have teamed up with Katacoda and the first tutorial is Getting Started with OpenShift for Developers.

philippta has released a handful or two of great *Go Web Examples. *The goal is to show simple code snippets to handle common functions with Go.

Department of Data Defense

GitLab released their detailed postmortem on last week’s outage. Two big takeaways: 1) they freely admit their database infrastructure is lacking. 2) A GitLab engineer accidentally started to delete the primary database. Their openness is a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of databases, Mikhail Chinkov reminded us this week that just because you can run a database in a container doesn’t mean you should. The world has determined that stateless things are great for containers (truth). Why on earth would you put your state in a tool that you designed your stateless infrastructure around?

The Australian Signals Directorate has released some refreshing blunt InfoSec advice. Their Top 4 and Top 8 lists are must reads. At least bookmark them so you can take it to your leadership should you ever need to.

Department of Discussion

Erika Heidi conducted research into how people utilize Vagrant. Of the 691 responses, Ansible and VirtualBox come in as heavy hitters for provisioners and providers. Ubuntu is the most used OS.

Not DevOps But Still Cool was released this week. It promises to be able to, “Wipe and reinstall a running Linux system via SSH, without rebooting.” A crafty idea but I have not attempted to try it yet. YMMV.

DevOps’ish One-Liner of the Week

Do you have an AWS API key that has more rights than your personal login does? Here is a good way to get into the AWS console with that API key:

aws --profile <PROFILE> iam create-login-profile --user-name <USERNAME> --password <PASSWORD> --password-reset-required