It’s 67 degrees here in Michigan at the moment. How’s the weather where you are? I’m not missing the humidity of the south at all. As I venture out into more of Detroit I’m continually pleased with the choice to move to the Mitten. America’s high five has a lot going for it! Metro Detroit Unemployment Rate Sees Largest Drop In U.S., Now Lower Than Boston, L.A. And New York.

An additional thing that started here in Detroit this week is the Detroit Go Meetup! That’s right! Detroit is home to quite a few Go developers. When I went to GopherCon I found out that Go developers didn’t have a local community in Detroit. That changed this week. Join us as we welcome Sam Boyer at our first Meetup on August 29th!

We are about a month away from DevOpsDay Raleigh. I’m WAY behind in updating the web site. But, why haven’t you gotten your tickets yet?!? Do you not realize who is going to be speaking? Ashley McNamara, Chris Collins, Nirmal Mehta, ME, and many more! Oh and someone named **John Willis** whom I hear is a big deal. The ticket is already super affordable but, there is a $5 discount code available with code MEETUP5. Get your tickets today because is the next week or two we expect them to get scarce.


Exclusive: Here’s The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google [Updated]: This is fucking despicable. I’m not mad, I’m just utterly disappointed.

Researcher Who Stopped WannaCry Ransomware Detained in US After Def Con: Hutchins was arrested for allegedly creating the Kronos banking malware.

This Is Why Your Best Developers Keep Quitting: It’s one thing to hire a bunch of junior developers. It’s another to retain the experienced people who’ll mentor them.

Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? As you navigate a world of choices, revisit this 2011 magazine story on the paralyzing effects of decision fatigue.

What does the manager of an open team do, anyway? “What would you say you do here?” Sam Knuth’s answer involves three principles for open leadership.

Everyone is not Ops: The pragmatic middle-ground


A Rant on Usable Security by Jessie Frazelle: Security is hard but, it can be so much better.

The SRE model: Cindy Sridharan’s fantastic article on why everyone is not ops makes you rethink the relationship between your development and operations teams. In this article, I am trying to explain how Google approaches the problem and why it scales for our SRE team.

Why We Broke Our Philosophical Vows to Bring You CircleCI 2.0: A couple weeks ago, we released CircleCI 2.0. This was a tremendous effort, involving every person at CircleCI by the time it reached General Availability. Exactly the kind of effort that we try to avoid as a CI/CD company.

New Bill Seeks Basic IoT Security Standards: Lawmakers in the U.S. Senate today introduced a bill that would set baseline security standards for the government’s purchase and use of a broad range of Internet-connected devices, including computers, routers and security cameras.

Symantec offloads its certs and web security biz to DigiCert: Symantec sold its Website Security and related PKI solutions to DigiCert, effectively making its spat with Mozilla and Google someone else’s problem.


exa: exa is a modern replacement for ls.

amicontained: Container introspection tool. Find out what container runtime is being used as well as features available.

DShield Raspberry Pi Sensor: This is a set of scripts to setup a Raspberry Pi as a DShield Sensor.

Use Docker to Search in 320 Million Pwned Passwords

How Kubernetes certificate authorities work: Today, let’s talk about Kubernetes private/public keys & certificate authorities!

Kubernetes 1.7 with Tim Hockin: Tim Hockin, one of the engineers that started the Kubernetes project, joins Francesc and Mark to talk about all of the cool stuff coming up with Kubernetes 1.7.

Starting the Avalanche: Application DDoS In Microservice Architectures

Stratis Is Red Hat’s Plan For Next-Gen Linux Storage Without Btrfs

20 Linux commands every sysadmin should know: curl, python -m json.tool / jq, ls, tail, cat, grep, ps, env, top, netstat, ip address, lsof, df, du, id, chmod, dig / nslookup, iptables, sestatus, and history.

Cron Syntax Cheatsheet: I often forget the order of minute, hours, days, … I just forgot. This cheatsheet will help.

Scout2: Security auditing tool for AWS environments

crunchy: Finds common flaws in passwords. Like cracklib, but written in Go.

postmortem-templates: A collection of postmortem templates

Announcing two New Heptio Open Source Projects: Heptio Ark and Heptio Sonobuoy

Vi & VIM Keyboard Covers for MacBook and iMac

terraboard: A web dashboard to inspect Terraform States

ChAP: Chaos Automation Platform

fabio: A fast, modern, zero-conf load balancing HTTP(S) router for deploying microservices managed by consul.

learn-regex: Learn RegEx The Easy Way

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