Football is back and I couldn’t be happier about it (despite my Gators losing to Michigan). I know that sports and DevOps-types don’t always go together. However, there are a lot of things we tech folks can learn from football. Systems and process are what great football teams are built on. Take a good look at Nick Saban’s process focus at Alabama for an idea of how to build a perennial championship contender (tl;dr: it’s a one step at a time approach). When you take a look at Bill Belichick’s “Do Your Job” mantra, you realize that is what DevOps is all about; owning your assignments and executing them. Many times in DevOps the things that traditional development and operations teams can’t execute well on are done without question and executed quite well. Then they are iterated upon mightily like it’s second nature. Ownership of the pipeline and process is a big deal in DevOps. It’s a truly worthwhile comparison to explore when you have the time. Football and DevOps go together more than you realize.

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DevOpsDays Raleigh 2017
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All Things Open 2017
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DevOpsDays Raleigh 2017 Attracts Top Talent: Some of DevOps’ elite will journey to Raleigh to share their wisdom and experiences from the trenches

Most TV computer scientists are still white men. Google wants to change that. Women of color are practically invisible in these roles. You would have to watch more than 85 hours of popular TV shows and movies to see a single instance of a Latina, black or mixed race female character discussing or engaging in computer science and, even then, you wouldn’t see a single Middle Eastern girl or woman, USC said.

For diversity in tech, leaders must be intentional, tech community says: Changes will not happen by chance.

Conquer your infrastructure in the cloud: Friend of DevOps’ish, Kris Nova, along with Justin Garrison have published an O’Reilly book; *Cloud Native Infrastructure*.

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A Cloud Native Series From Joe Beda: Joe Beda dives into the definition of Cloud Native, practical considerations of applying Cloud Native, how Cloud Native relates to DevOps, Containers and Container Clusters, how Cloud Native enables microservices, and how Cloud Native creates both problems and opportunities in the security domain.

The evolution of DevOps: Understanding the impact and expanding influence of DevOps culture, and how to apply DevOps principles to make your digital operations more performant and productive.

Distributed Systems Are Hard: Forget Conway’s Law, distributed systems at scale follow Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

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DevOps/Cloud Systems Engineer — StockX — Detroit, MI StockX is looking for an experienced Cloud Systems Engineer, or DevOps Engineer, to accelerate the efficiency of our engineering operations and implement scalable infrastructure. You must be passionate about automating all the things that go into software engineering and technical operations.

Director, Software Engineering — Bankrate — Detroit, MI A manager in an agile environment with strong technical skills. Collaborative leader who will understand our people, business, technology, and customers’ needs. Leader who helps drive our culture of empowerment, ownership, and accountability to help develop our team technically and professionally. Identify and successfully implement improvements in our engineering processes, tools, and architecture to enable us to deliver on our key initiatives.

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