Build versus Buy? It’s a question I usually asks candidates during interviews. There is really only one good answer; buy until you can build it better for cheaper. This doesn’t mean outsource everything. This doesn’t mean you won’t be hacking together cool things. It means that you have the business sense to know that you have core competencies that are either still forming, your team is small, or you have enough to manage in-house already. Sure, everyone wants to build everything they use. You get better by building, your team takes pride in building, but at some point, you build yourself into a box. Then what? Then you buy your way out of it at what is likely a higher cost to your business than buying at the beginning. Remember, your technical debt started the second you released code.

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On October 24th, DevOps’ish will be supporting the Live Online All Day DevOps Conference. This is a 24-hour event with 5 simultaneous tracks, delivering 96 sessions and 4 keynotes in 38 time zones. Session tracks include Automated Security, CI/CD, Modern Infrastructure, DevOps in Government, and the Tech Crawl, where companies will take you behind the scenes of their DevOps working environments.


My Cross-Platform Dev Setup on Surface Laptop by Brian Ketelsen

World Wide Web Consortium abandons consensus, standardizes DRM with 58.4% support, EFF resigns: This is a bad day for the W3C: it’s the day it publishes a standard designed to control, rather than empower, web users.

Technical Interview Performance by Editor/OS/Language: There is a correlation between what editor an engineer uses, their language and OS, and their ability to pass programming interviews.

Go: Ten years and climbing


As mentioned in DevOps’ish 037, MongoDB, a database software company based in New York, has filed to go public with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Optionsbleed — HTTP OPTIONS method can leak Apache’s server memory

Minio Attracts $20M as it Targets Amazon S3 Dominance of Storage Market

Proposal: Just Use Github #21956

Red Hat Announces Broad Expansion to Open Source Patent Promise


Per-Second Billing for EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes: Huge news for those of us starting to do medium length, CPU intensive workloads for our data science teams.

Docker Official Images are now Multi-platform: Docker CE and EE will pull and run the correct hello-world image whether that’s for x86–64 Linux, Windows, ARM, IBM Z mainframes or any other system where Docker runs.

kris-nova/terraformctl: Running Terraform in Kubernetes as a controller

HashiCorp and Google expand collaboration, easing secret and infrastructure management

HashiCorp Terraform Module Registry: The HashiCorp Terraform Module Registry gives Terraform users easy access to templates for setting up and running their infrastructure with verified and community modules.

HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise Beta: Terraform Enterprise provides collaboration and governance features to safely and predictably codify, plan, and provision any infrastructure for any application.

TCP servers that run like clockwork: Understanding how to write robust TCP servers is vital. It helps us understand the underpinnings of stuff we build every day.

Ansible, or Not Ansible?: Interview with Director of Ansible Community

Announcing Intel® Clear Containers 3.0!

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week