Is your organization a learning organization? Do you, your team, your leadership, and your company learn from mistakes? Do you share knowledge and lessons learned as widely as humanly possible? These are all question you should be asking yourself along your journey. If your maintenance windows are no holds bar with no rollback plan, that’s a problem. If you are not doing something to share new technologies with your team on a regular basis you’re going to have a bad time. Continuous learning is such a critical aspect of DevOps and working in tech that you must reinforce it at every possible opportunity. I’ll be in South Florida this week hopefully doing some continuous learning.

You can’t buy DevOps, but you may have to sell it — GoCD
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All Things Open
October 23 and 24, Raleigh, NC USA 2,500–3,000+ technologists will descend upon the City of Oaks to attend 200+ sessions from nearly as many speakers. Representative from nearly every major technology company in the U.S. will be in attendance as well. To get 20% off enter code DevOpsish20 when registering to attend. Website: To Register:

All Day DevOps, Live Online
October 24, 2017 When: October 24, 2017 (24 hours) Where: From your desktop, laptop, or mobile device Free Registration: All Day DevOps Registration (

On October 24th, DevOps’ish will be supporting the Live Online All Day DevOps Conference. This is a 24-hour event with 5 simultaneous tracks, delivering 96 sessions and 4 keynotes in 38 time zones. Session tracks include Automated Security, CI/CD, Modern Infrastructure, DevOps in Government, and the Tech Crawl, where companies will take you behind the scenes of their DevOps working environments.


Join the Open Source DevOps Team: How to contribute to the DevOps resource collection

The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science: Leading neuroscientist Matthew Walker on why sleep deprivation is increasing our risk of cancer, heart attack and Alzheimer’s — and what you can do about it

The Developer Advocates — Observations on Microsoft’s New Competence: Recently a whole slew of people got hired at Microsoft. Many of us have taken notice. It’s left a lot of people with questions.

Shipping buggy code: The most critical skill for a programmer

Alibaba is leading a $27M investment in open source database startup MariaDB

How Microsoft become a destination for a new generation of open-source developers: A steady stream of prominent open-source developers and developer advocates have joined Microsoft in 2017

Hacktoberfest 2017: The Countdown Begins!

Why I Joined Microsoft: Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Ego at 24,000 feet: I had allowed ego to take over. It felt disrespected. It felt entitled to a better treatment, especially after such a long day, and it didn’t get its due.

What is Microsoft Doing? Attracting more attention than [cloud] transition, in many quarters, is the hiring spree that Microsoft has been on in the developer advocate and evangelism space.


DevOps A curated list of things to read to level up your DevOps skills and knowledge

Deliver software faster by managing work in progress, not by adding overtime: Product development flow (flow) is the rate at which our products are developed, from idea to deployment.

ntpd won’t save you from one particular rogue bit: A new way to screw up time on Unix boxes

Google Will Retool User Security in Wake of Political Hack: In short, they’ll use Yubikeys

Invited article in IEEE Software — Technical Debt: Challenges and Perspectives

We need to talk about Session Tickets: Session Tickets, specified in RFC 5077, are a technique to resume TLS sessions by storing key material encrypted on the clients.

Broadening HSTS to secure more of the Web: In 2015 we created the first secure TLD when we added .google to the HSTS preload list, and we are now rolling out HSTS for a larger number of our TLDs, starting with .foo and .dev.

Microsoft Makes it Official: Becomes Sponsor of Open Source Initiative


Kubernetes 1.8: Security, Workloads and Feature Depth: Increasing project-wide focus on maturing process, formalizing architecture, and strengthening Kubernetes’ governance model.

What You Need to Know about Kubernetes 1.8: This release promotes the Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) to general availability, and includes a stable release of the lightweight container runtime for Kubernetes, CRI-O. You’ll also find improvements to the Kubernetes CLI, cluster stability, service automation, and more.

Google takes a page from Amazon Web Services and adds per-second billing for its cloud: On Tuesday, Google announced that its cloud service will offer per-second billing. The move comes just days after Amazon Web Service (AWS), the market leader, made the same announcement.

Pop!_OS is designed for people who use their computer to create

git git git git git

Give me 15 minutes and I’ll change your view of Linux tracing: Linux 4.X Tracing Tools: Using BPF Superpowers

On Disk IO, Part 3: LSM Trees: Explore one of the types of storage often used in the databases.

Serving 100 Gbps from an Open Connect Appliance: In the summer of 2015, the Netflix Open Connect CDN team decided to take on an ambitious project.

Apple Open Source: XNU kernel is part of the Darwin operating system for use in OS X and iOS operating systems (Apple just open sourced a ton of code)

DNS for Service Discovery in HAProxy: HAProxy Technologies’ R&D has released a patchset that allows DNS to be utilized for service discovery in HAProxy.

Why Ansible is the future of Red Hat — and automated devops: OpenShift gets all the attention, but the Ansible configuration automation tool for devops shows how to moving to the future seem boring

Rootless Containers: Rootless containers refers to the ability for an unprivileged user to create, run and otherwise manage containers.

25 Things You Should Know About Amazon Elastic File System: Think of EFS as a managed Network File System (NFS), that is easily integrated with other AWS services like EC2 or S3.

AWS CodeBuild Now Supports Building GitHub Pull Requests

ed25519 for DNSSEC: In RFC 8080, ed25519 (and ed448) were standardized for use in DNSSEC in February 2017.

Bossie Awards 2017: The best cloud computing software: InfoWorld picks the best open source software for building and managing cloud infrastructure

Istio, Envoy and Honeycomb: If you’re running Envoy (or a more traditional proxy such as HAProxy or NGINX), this level of visibility into individual requests is pretty much the bare minimum.

Cloudflare CEO: DDoS Attacks Will Now Be ‘Something You Only Read About In The History Books’: Starting today, Cloudflare is making protection against DDoS attacks free, regardless of how bad they are.

How to Docker Compose a developer environment: an open source example: An efficient team needs to have an easy way of setting up a development environment. This is a detailed example of how to do it.

Linux System Call Table

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week

[coding with Bob Ross] “See those bugs… those… there… Now they are tiny little features… So many tiny little features.”

— Jessie Frazelle (@jessfraz) September 28, 2017