My week started with a migraine Monday afternoon. My week ended with a right ear infection. I spent two days dead to the world. Having to take a knee and heal sucks. If a team can’t handle a member taking a sick day, something has broken in the team building process. Any member of a team should be able to call in sick without any other team member feeling like a ball will get dropped. Humans are going to get sick, humans are going to fail, and the team should be able to adjust to that. If it can’t, the team is in dire shape and a holistic strategic assessment should happen. The team is likely trying to do too much, move too fast, or does not have enough skilled people. If that’s the case, sharpen the ole business skills and make the case for whatever it is the team needs. Make sure the team literally stays healthy.

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All Things Open
October 23 and 24, Raleigh, NC USA
2,500–3,000+ technologists will descend upon the City of Oaks to attend 200+ sessions from nearly as many speakers. Representative from nearly every major technology company in the U.S. will be in attendance as well.
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All Day DevOps, Live Online
October 24, 2017
When: October 24, 2017 (24 hours)
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On October 24th, DevOps’ish will be supporting the Live Online All Day DevOps Conference. This is a 24-hour event with 5 simultaneous tracks, delivering 96 sessions and 4 keynotes in 38 time zones. Session tracks include Automated Security, CI/CD, Modern Infrastructure, DevOps in Government, and the Tech Crawl, where companies will take you behind the scenes of their DevOps working environments.


A venture capitalist says he’s so afraid for his reputation that he’s canceling meetings with women

“The Industry Is Fundamentally Broken”: Women On Sexism In Silicon Valley: Have we reached a tipping point for sexism in tech? Join five women for an honest and unflinching roundtable discussion on the past, present, and future for women in tech.

The 2018 Women in Open Source Award: Now accepting nominations through October 30

Tech Leavers Study: A first-of-its-kind analysis of why people voluntarily left jobs in tech.

GitHub Sponsoring Underrepresented Scholarships: GitHub’s relationship with the team at All Things Open goes back more than a decade, and if we’ve learned one thing about the company it is this — they truly care about diversity and inclusion, and even more, creating opportunity for others.

Does Kaspersky Have Something to Hide? The Russian security giant faces scrutiny worldwide. Is there fire beneath the smoke?

Russia Has Turned Kaspersky Software Into Tool for Spying: Searches exploited popular Russian-made antivirus software to seek classified material, officials say.

GoUserGroups: Go User Groups from around the world

Is Uncle Bob serious?

GitLab raises $20M Series C round led by GV


STELLA: Report from the SNAFUcatchers Workshop on Coping With Complexity

New NIST and DHS Standards Get Ready to Tackle BGP Hijacks: The solution they developed is actually a collection of standards known collectively as Secure Inter-Domain Routing (SIDR).

What Would It Look Like If We Put Warnings on IoT Devices Like We Do Cigarette Packets?

Cthulhu: Organizing Go Code in a Scalable Repo: As the scale of the repository has grown over the past three years, it has introduced some significant tooling and organizational challenges.

Exploding Git Repositories: “If you are an adventurous sort (and can handle a potential reboot) I invite you to clone this tiny repo.”

Operating a Kubernetes network by Julia Evans

Disqus Demonstrates How to Do Breach Disclosure Right: It’s " important that we acknowledge exemplary handling of data breaches when they occur because that’s behaviour that should be encouraged."


MySQL Bug #199 has been resolved! This has been demonstrated to me as how not to handle bugs by Peter Zaitsev himself as recently as last year.

Kubernetes ingress discovery with Prometheus

A Little Story About the yes Unix Command: The trivial program yes turns out not to be so trivial after all. It uses output buffering and memory alignment to improve performance.

txthinking/brook: Brook is a cross-platform (Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS) proxy software

Finally — An elegant solutions to generics in Go! The G Package brings generics to Go.

Announcing Heptio Labs: a new destination for open source tooling called Heptio Labs, where we are making several tools that we built for internal purposes available to the community.

Diagnose production Kubernetes issues with Tectonic 1.7.5

UPX: A free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several executable formats.

Cockpit: An HTML5 app to create panes and windows in tmux.

Prometheus by James Turnbull

The Almighty Pause Container: When checking out the nodes of your Kubernetes cluster, you may have noticed some containers called “pause” running when you do a docker ps on the node.

Using Containers? Look for the OCI Seal of Approval: Container tools marked OCI compliant should give DevOps the same confidence that consumers have when plugging a UL approved toaster into the wall.

Application Load Balancers Now Support Multiple TLS Certificates With Smart Selection Using SNI: You can now host multiple TLS secured applications, each with its own TLS certificate, behind a single load balancer. In order to use SNI, all you need to do is bind multiple certificates to the same secure listener on your load balancer.

geerlingguy/ansible-role-aws-inspector: Installs AWS Inspector (awsagent) on RedHat/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu.

Redshift versus Snowflake versus BigQuery / Part 1: Performance

r-a-w/TorProxy: TorProxy is a tool which uses netfilter hooks in the linux kernel to route all network traffic through the Tor network

Persisting state between AWS EC2 spot instances using Docker on an external volume

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week

Malware to Fashion. Here is my malware disassembly dress I designed and sewn:

— Amanda Rousseau (@malwareunicorn) October 14, 2017