Happy Veteran’s Day (in the US)! Thank you to all those that have served. I appreciate everyone that took a moment tweet, text, and call me to thank me for my service today. This week, I found a picture with two meanings: 1) Thank you veterans, 2) the basics are SO important. When things get hard you revert back to habits be they bad or good. In basic training, you develop a sense of what to do in almost every situation. You are drilled in the basics so that you at least have an idea of what to do in every situation. This is important in DevOps. If you keep going through fire drill after fire drill without a lesson learned or proper postmortem you are not a learning organization. This is why you find links in this newsletter to things that seem pretty basic or obvious at times. The basics are important and there is no time like the present to double-check your foundation.

Continuous Delivery for Mobile Development — GoCD
This post chronicles a mobile app development team’s journey to continuous delivery, the challenges along the way, how they overcame them and their thoughts beyond continuous delivery. Check it out. SPONSORED


The Highly-Effective Bipolar by Sarah Adams

Taking steps toward greater inclusivity: This exercise helps your team members become aware of the various privileges they might possess — a great way to begin dialog about diversity and inclusion.

25 Pitfalls When Learning to Program

Uber’s new CEO says he’s ditching a practice that turned employees into ‘assholes’

CloudNOW Announces This Year’s Top 10 Women in Cloud Innovation Award Winners

Giving Open-Source Projects Life After a Developer’s Death


Kubernetes by the numbers: 10 compelling stats: Trying to demonstrate the reach and value of Kubernetes? Make your case using these data points

DOJ: Strong encryption that we don’t have access to is “unreasonable”: Rod Rosenstein, we should weigh “law enforcement equities” against security.

An Open Letter to Intel: I’m not going to sugar coat things, Intel has been fucking up a lot lately.

AWS drawn my account by 12 Billion dollar!!

3 DevOps pitfalls and how to avoid them: IT professionals reported overwhelming success when transitioning to DevOps, provided there was careful upfront planning and an honest assessment of resources

Systems thinking principles, DevOps and the support pager: Everything we do has consequences, good or bad. That’s why no team works in isolation. We’re interdependent. It’s time to embrace and own our shared responsibilities.

DevOps Success Beyond Agile: Cloud Expo Power Panel


MINIX — The most popular OS in the world, thanks to Intel: You might not know it, but inside your Intel system, you have an operating system running in addition to your main OS, MINIX. And it’s raising eyebrows and concerns. *Editor’s Note: *Intel has been fucking up a lot lately.

Cloud Native Landscape Celebrates First Anniversary: My favorite thing to print to a piece of paper reaches a year old. The Landscape is handy to have around.

Announcing Prometheus 2.0

heptiolabs/kubernetes-aws-authenticator: A tool for using AWS IAM credentials to authenticate to a Kubernetes cluster (proof of concept)

Eight years of Go: Go has been embraced by developers all over the world with approximately one million users worldwide.

PROBOT: GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow. Use pre-built apps to extend GitHub, and easily build and share your own.

Go cheatsheet: I love a good cheat sheet

Linux port sharding by Joe Walnes: Running multiple applications on the same port? It’s possible.

Best Free and Lightweight IDE for Go: Hint, it’s VSCode. Also, the top YAML extension for VSCode is from Red Hat.

Autocomplete Kubernetes YAML files in VSCode

Go tools & GitLab — how to do Continuous Integration like a boss

How to Tag Docker Images with Git Commit Information: Git as your auth, access, and audit system seems to be the best obvious idea to emerge this year.

How to run cron jobs with docker: When everything is in a container, how do you run scheduled processes?

On the dangers of Intel’s frequency scaling: A deep-dive into Intel’s AVX-512 instruction set. Intel has been fucking up a lot lately.

Simple tools to improve your Go code

OCI Update: v1.0.1 Release and New Maintainer

Earth on AWS: Build planetary-scale applications in the cloud with open geospatial data.

New Amazon S3 Encryption & Security Features

Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules (BETA): Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules provide customers the ability to automate the Out-of-Band configuration management, deployment and updates for Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers.

ArchLinux is pulling i686 support: I’m old. I remember how big a deal i686 was when it came out.

Getting started with .NET for Linux: Microsoft’s decision to make .NET Core open source means it’s time for Linux developers to get comfortable and start experimenting.

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week