I have been through the highest of highs and lowest of lows this week. But, Thanksgiving is an interesting time to reflect. What are you thankful for? How do you want to finish out the year? I am beyond thankful for an incredibly supportive family. Through all the ups and downs of this past week, there has been a steadfast source of support and happiness springing eternal from those we moved to Michigan to be closer to. I want to finish out the year by finding a great job that I will truly enjoy. I have a few calls lined up early next week on that front. If you’re looking for a DevOps-minded person to add to your team, let me know.

Continuous Delivery: GoCD VS Spinnaker
GoCD or Spinnaker? This post is an overview of GoCD and Spinnaker, why they are different from each other and which problems you should use them to solve. Check it out. SPONSORED


Inside the Revolution at Etsy: The gutting of Etsy was particularly interesting for the DevOps world.

[Troy Hunt] is Testifying in Front of Congress in Washington DC about Data Breaches — What Should He Say?

I just don’t want to be a software developer anymore by melissa mcewen: I still love coding, but I hate this industry

Why we never thank open source maintainers: Write a thank-you note to your favorite open source project on the NGO Thank you, open source.

Meet the Girls Who Code instructor who built a tool to stop human trafficking

Google signs lease for new Detroit location next to Little Caesars Arena

These cities have the best chance of winning the war for Amazon’s new headquarters


Governments around the world launch investigations into Uber following data breach and cover-up: Put a fork in Uber. They are not going to be the same after the dust settles from this.

Jason Yip on Removing Friction in Development and DevOps at Spotify: Friction is the feeling that your environment is fighting you — examples include poorly named variables in code, editors configured incorrectly, access to environments, etc.

DevOps for Data Science — DevOps Maturity

Security problems of Kops default deployments: In this article Josselin Costanzi will start from a one-liner and demonstrate the security flaws of the default deployment.

Devs working to stop Go math error bugging crypto software: Programming language makes some fuzzy big numbers

Our Journey to Zero Failed Installs by Packet: “When you provision 50,000 servers per month, failures are inevitable. But we made it a goal: get to 100% provisions for one day. Here’s how we did it.”

Rename “Major” to Breaking and “Minor” to Feature #411: If you are into Semantic Versioning you should pay attention to this.

Fewer unit tests more logs: A controversial idea from Mike Sedzielewski.


Three Developer Tools [Randall Degges] is Thankful For: The three open source tools I’m thankful for are nmap, VSCode, and hugo. What are yours? Reply on Twitter.

commandlinefu.com’s commands sorted by votes is pretty great.

Containers and Kubernetes: What’s next? What’s ahead for container orchestration and Kubernetes? Here’s an expert peek.

A minimalist guide to tmux: I don’t use tmux all that much anymore (thank you automation) but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t know how to use it when I need it. This is a nice tmux refresher.

Adopting Kubernetes step by step

Security Guidelines for Congressional Campaigns: Share this with your family. If Congress can have a minimum viable product around security your family should too.

Use the New Visual Editor to Create and Modify Your AWS IAM Policies

Linux dominates supercomputing, the Pentagon’s big open source push, and more: This week’s open source news roundup.

tucaz/agile-development-cheat-sheet: 2017 Agile Development Cheat Sheet

TLDR pages: Simplified and community-driven man pages

Initial Impressions Moving from Git to Mercurial: I love me some mercurial.

Kubernetes: Up & Integrated — Secrets & Configuration

Better Random Number Generation for OpenSSL, libc, and Linux Mainline

To Build the World’s Smallest Atomic Clock, Trap a Nitrogen Atom in a Carbon Cage: Hyperprecise clocks in our cellphones mean we’ll always know where we are in time and space

gophercises: coding exercises for budding gophers

Kube-Node: Let Your Kubernetes Cluster Auto-Manage Its Nodes

Azure DevOps Projects helps ease release automation: Microsoft’s new Azure DevOps Projects tool lets developers configure a DevOps pipeline and connect it to the cloud with no prior knowledge of how to do so.


kelseyhightower/pipeline: A step by step guide on creating build and deployment pipelines for Kubernetes.

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week