Last week, there was a giveaway of Cloud Native Infrastructure by Justin Garrison and Kris Nova. There’s no need for a giveaway because you can now get Cloud Native Infrastructure FOR FREE! This week’s edition is delayed due to adventures traveling back from Kubecon (salute to those that stood up SIG-Airport). I have to say that Kubecon had some of the friendliest people I’ve met attending, sponsoring, and running it. The hallway track was where I spent the vast majority of my time (also on the phone doing interviews). Brace yourselves for all things Cloud Native and Kubernetes.

GoCD — Open Source Continuous Delivery Server
GoCD is a continuous delivery tool supporting modern infrastructure with elastic on-demand agents and cloud deployments. With GoCD, you can easily model, orchestrate and visualize complex workflows from end to end. It’s open source, free to use and download. SPONSORED


Here is what I read on the way to KubeCon: A review of Cloud Native Infrastructure

kubernetes/community: Kubernetes Mentoring Initiatives

GitHub’s technology predictions for 2018

Let’s Encrypt Looking Forward to 2018

Kubernetes and containers in 2018: Buckle your seatbelts

If “DevOps Engineer” is an incorrect title, then what should be the correct job title? Answer: Site Reliability Engineer

Why Developers Become Frustrated And Companies Can’t Find Talent

Uber has settled with a woman whose medical files an executive accessed after she was raped

Microsoft’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Training


OpenEBS Sponsor CloudByte now MayaData and Launches MayaOnline at KubeCon: I’m very interested in OpenEBS after talking to the what had to be close to the entire team. The name change is pretty cool after letting it sit for a few days. It aligns company, product, and project nicely. Also, the mascot is pretty awesome.

Why HBO Chose Kubernetes to Help Stream Game of Thrones: At the Kubecon CloudNativeCon North America 2017 event, HBO engineers explained the challenges and the process they went through to decide and use Kubernetes, to help stream Game of Thrones season seven.

An Open Letter To Companies Who Use Open Source: It’s hard to make money as an open source software developer.

Salesforce Goes Big With Containers & Service Meshes — Joins the CNCF

Russia Wants to Launch Backup DNS System by August 1, 2018

The road to a more usable Kubernetes by Joe Beda (slides with notes)

What DevOps teams really need from a CIO


SD Times GitHub project of the week: None other than Heptio’s ksonnet

Heptio teams up with Microsoft to build a better Kubernetes disaster recovery solution

Kubeapps: A Kubernetes dashboard that supercharges your Kubernetes cluster with simple browse and click deployment of apps in any format.

Kashti: Kashti makes many dashboard and reporting steps easier to do in Kubernetes

Metaparticle: Cloud native standard library for Containers and Kubernetes (keep your eyes on this project)

Virtual Kubelet: An open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation that masquerades as a kubelet for the purposes of connecting Kubernetes to other APIs.

The Story of Visual Studio Code with Julia Liuson, Chris Dias, andn PJ Meyer: VSCode gets better and better. I was discussing with some folks at Kubecon what their IDE progression was. To a person it was vim, Atom, then VSCode (I was the exception having stuck with vim for as long as I did).

No Slowdown in Sight for Kubernetes: Duh!

CloudNativeCon+KubeCon Serves as Platform for CNCF Announcements & More: A nice round up of a few things from CloudNativeCon+KubeCon.

Kata Containers: This project looks very interesting. It’s being marketed as the best of both virtual machines and containers.

Red Hat Releases Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes to Empower Simple, Flexible Cloud-Native Development

20 SRE / DevOps / System Engineer Tricks

Colorisebot and OpenFaaS: You can tweet any black and white photo to Colorisebot and it will turn it into color instantly and reply back to you with the result

garethr/kubeval: kubeval is a tool for validating a Kubernetes YAML or JSON configuration file.

garethr/kubetest: kubetest is a tool for running tests against a Kubernetes YAML or JSON configuration file.

google/kubeflow: The Kubeflow project is dedicated to making Machine Learning on Kubernetes easy, portable and scalable.

Running storage services on Kubernetes

Introducing Open Cloud Services by CoreOS

Introducing the Cloudflare Warp Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

Several projects announced they were going 1.0 in around CloudNativeCon + KubeCon: CoreDNS, containerd, and fluentd (I’m probably missing one).

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week