I’m going to keep the monologue pretty short this week. I have some lightly scoped out ideas to share in 2018 though so don’t worry, lots more to come. It has been a rough week in the Short household and I’m mentally spent. But, there was a ton DevOps, Cloud Native, and open source of news this week. I hope you had a Happy Hanukkah or Happy Festivus and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas.

GoCD — Open Source Continuous Delivery Server
GoCD is a continuous delivery tool supporting modern infrastructure with elastic on-demand agents and cloud deployments. With GoCD, you can easily model, orchestrate and visualize complex workflows from end to end. It’s open source, free to use and download. SPONSORED


A look at 42 women in tech who crushed it in 2017: What a challenging, exhilarating year it has been for women everywhere, starting from the women’s March on Washington to former Uber engineer Susan Fowler’s eye-opening and now famous blog post to the #metoo movement that has swept the country, washing dozens of sexual predators out of their powerful roles in the process.

Who drives culture in DevOps? So who is in charge of culture? Who should be shepherding a culture that is conducive of safety, security, and speed?

Tech’s terrible year: how the world turned on Silicon Valley in 2017

VPN Provider Jailed For Five Years After Helping Thousands Breach China’s Firewall

Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt steps down: I’m waiting for the sexual assault story. Even if there is nothing, 2017 has shown white dudes resigning means they did something awful.

Microsoft Moves to End Secrecy in Sexual Harassment Claims: The wave of sexual harassment claims has spurred Microsoft to change its workplace policy and support a proposed federal law banning agreements that silence harassment victims.

Dozens of Companies Are Using Facebook to Exclude Older Workers From Job Ads

In the sales pitch to Amazon, a reimagined downtown Detroit


5 Biggest Ways to Fail at DevOps

Your First DevOps Project: “A project that Megan and anyone can do to get a basic feel for what DevOps is all about.”

MTA, SPF, DKIM, PTR, WTF: a quick checklist on how to send e-mail from your domain: E-mail is really hard. Don’t think for a second mail delivery is a trivial task.

Remove my password from lists so hackers won’t be able to hack me: This is a joke, right? Please be a joke.

Build bridges, not walls


Learning to operate Kubernetes reliably: Distributed systems are really hard, and managing services on distributed systems is one of the hardest problems operations teams face.

Eleven syscalls that rock the world

Understand Go pointers in less than 800 words or your money back

FSF adds PureOS to list of endorsed GNU/Linux distributions

Why hasn’t The Year of the Linux Desktop happened yet? “My thesis is that there really isn’t one reason, but rather a range of issues that all have contributed to holding the Linux Desktop back from reaching a bigger market.”

Runtime Security for Kubernetes with Sysdig Falco: Sysdig Falco taps into your host’s (or Node’s in the case Kubernetes) system calls to generate an event stream of all system activity.

My Webserver Setup: A good use case and look at how to use caddy.

Ansible 2.3.3 has been released

fireworq/fireworq: Fireworq is a lightweight, high-performance job queue system with the following abilities.

ipfs/go-ipfs: IPFS implementation in Go

openfaas/faas-netes: OpenFaaS is an event-driven serverless framework for containers. Any container for Windows or Linux can be leveraged as a serverless function.

The state of serverless observability — why we built Thundra

XenServer 7.3: Changes to the Free Edition: Xen is pulling some features from the free version to force people into paying for it.

Golang Guide: A List of Top Golang Frameworks, IDEs & Tools

Tar and Curl Come to Windows!

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week