I attended and spoke at DevOpsDays NYC 2018 this week. The conference was very well organized. It was a truly unique experience held at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square. There were some absolutely amazing talks. The talks were all great. The one thing I enjoyed the most was meeting people and seeing where they were along their journey. There are a lot of folks, some in really big companies, trying to change their cultures and improve their environments in dramatic ways. The Verizon story about their dojo program is an enormous effort to turn an old, stuffy enterprise into a full-blown DevOps organization. 16,000 people will learn the ways of DevOps at Verizon through their program. It’s quite the story and if successful it’ll be one to tell for quite some time.

GoCD — Open Source Continuous Delivery Server
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What is Developer Advocacy? by Ashley McNamara

What To Do If You Get Stuck In A Technical Interview: Don’t panic; you can do this.

Cookie Monster, Life Coach


Hawaii missile mess: That was no ‘wrong button.’ Take a look. This is why DevOps exists. Software should never result in a user of that software getting fired if they’re using it as designed.

10 bad DevOps habits to break

Intel Has a Big Problem. It Needs to Act Like It: No kidding. Intel has really bungled the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

The hidden costs of serverless: “There are more costs to Serverless than just CPU and RAM — and for many users, the additional cost categories of API Requests, Storage and Networking will be the major cost drivers.”

The Kubernetes Journey from Research to Production at Presslabs

What to do if you have a DevOps failure (and you will): “Without the right plan and processes in place, there is a good chance you could have a DevOps failure.”

How To Establish a High Severity Incident Management Program: High severity incident management is the practice of recording, triaging, tracking, and assigning business value to problems that impact critical systems.

An example escalation policy — CRE life lessons


Announcing Go Support for AWS Lambda

Kicking Off the New Year with New Droplet Plans: Digital Ocean has been busy upgrading things

Speed and Stability: Why Go is a Great Fit for Lambda

GitOps: High velocity CICD for Kubernetes

Serverless and OpenFaas with Alex Ellis

List.community: an easy way to browse curated lists on GitHub.

Scaling Kubernetes to 2,500 Nodes: It’s the database that matters… Always.

Twirp: A sweet new RPC framework for Go


kubed-sh: Kubernetes distributed shell for the casual cluster user.

Mine all the data, they said. It will be worth your while, they said: Good developers instrument their applications. Good ops teams monitor everything. This near-fetishisation of telemetry has been extended to DevOps, where it now risks becoming something of a problem.

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week