One big piece of news from the CNCF this week was Kubernetes graduating. “To move from incubation to graduate, projects must demonstrate thriving adoption, a documented, structured governance process, and a strong commitment to community success and inclusivity.” One questioned I was asked by a few people was what does graduating from CNCF actually mean? I asked around because it wasn’t really clear to me either when the TOC started voting on it. Chris Aniszczyk responded, “[CNCF Graduation] is meant to be a stamp from the Technical Oversight Committee and the CNCF of what is a sustainable, production ready and mature open source project (i.e., you can bet your business on it).” You can bet your business on Kubernetes. That’s been safe to say for a while now. The fact the ever growing and improving CNCF is now saying it makes it damn near fact.

I’ll be in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale/Santa Clara) this week for the first time ever in my life. If you want to get together, let me know ASAP.

GoCD: Visualize and Model Complex CD Workflows
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Open Source 101 Columbia
Date: 2018-04-17
Sadly I won’t be able to participate in Open Source 101 Columbia but if it’s half as good as the one held in Raleigh it’s a can’t miss event. Open Source 101 is such a fantastic and inexpensive event (if you need assistance with a ticket let me know).

ChefConf 2018
Dates: 2018-05-22 through 2018-05-25
Join an awesome community of #DevOps and automation professionals at ChefConf in Chicago. I’ll be presenting a brand spanking new talk, DevOps is Not a War. Save 10% with discount code ‘Hugs4Chef’.

DevOpsDays Toronto 2018
Dates: 2018-05-30 through 2018-05-31
I’ll admit it, I’ve never been to Canada. But, I’m definitely going to DevOpsDays Toronto this year to present What the Military Taught Me about DevOps.


These inspiring technology leaders are creating positive change and making a difference in the industry every day:

2018: My Year of “No” by Chloe Condon

36 people in container tech you should be following

From Fledgling Founder to 7-Figure Deals with Stephanie Hurlburt of Binomial: Stephanie Hurlburt (@sehurlburt) shares the story of how she went from being an employee to being half of a 2-person startup that sells software to gaming companies, and all the steps in between.

20 questions DevOps job candidates should be prepared to answer: Want to build a positive, productive work environment? Focus on finding a mutual fit during the hiring process.

Linux beats legal threat from one of its own developers: “Linux has beaten many legal challenges over the years, but until now, it hasn’t had to win a battle over one of its own.”


Beyond the Phoenix Project: Gene Kim and John Willis got together to make a “nine-part series that includes an oral history of the DevOps movement, as well as discussion around pivotal figures and philosophies that DevOps draws upon, from Goldratt to Deming; from Lean to Safety Culture to Learning Organizations.”

Top 4 frustrating problems with “doing DevOps”: Learn the biggest barriers to DevOps and what you can do to overcome them.

SLIs, SLOs, SLAs, oh my! I ❤️ these videos!

Vodafone Finds Containers Drastically More Efficient Than VMs

The Kubernetes Lesson: “When we’re asked, then, how Kubernetes got to where it is today and what the lesson is for those that would emulate its success, our answer is the same as it’s always been: developers are kingmakers. Ignore them at your peril.”

The real cause of large DDoS - IP Spoofing: “Let’s take a deep breath and discuss why such large DDoS attacks are even possible on the modern internet.”

The Big Switch – DevOps in financial services: “DevOps is becoming the delivery style du jour as financial services firms face the ongoing challenge of responding to changing customer demands, coping with regulatory change while remaining competitive.”

Why should Kubernetes be scared of AWS? “tl:dr: Kubernetes could become Xen”

FCC Accuses Stealthy Startup of Launching Rogue Satellites: Silicon Valley is completely out of control.


Nerd Sniped by BINFMT_MISC

Creating a full monitoring solution for ARM Kubernetes Cluster

Vim, Emacs and their forever war. Does it even matter any more? The short answer is no. Your tools are your tools. I don’t talk to you about your hammer. If it drives a nail it drives a nail. Your tools are a personal choice. I find people’s choices interesting but I’m not going to dissaude you.

Prometheus: Apdex alerting

Monitoring On-Demand Kubernetes Clusters with Prometheus

This hurts your eyes

genuinetools: We are the home of quality software with a focus on simplicity, usability, security and minimalism. No bullshit, no politics, all genuine.

steamcache/generic: Generic LAN Download Content Cache. My buddy Jorge Castro shared this. If you run Steam on a few devices it would make a ton of sense to run this on your network.

tpope/vim-db: Modern database interface for Vim

google/oss-fuzz: OSS-Fuzz - continuous fuzzing of open source software

enocom/gopher-reading-list: A curated selection of blog posts on Go

GoogleCloudPlatform/skaffold: Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week