I was in Sunnyvale and San Francisco most of the week and just got home. Thank you to the folks at Google Cloud for putting on an amazing event. I learned a lot during my visit. I’m exhausted though.

GoCD: Visualize and Model Complex CD Workflows
GoCD supports continuous delivery out of the box with its built-in pipelines, advanced traceability and value stream visualization. With GoCD, you can easily model, orchestrate and visualize complex workflows from end to end. GoCD supports modern infrastructure and cloud deployments.

Learn how to setup your first pipeline OR check out their enterprise plugins and support. SPONSORED


Open Source 101 Columbia
Date: 2018-04-17
Sadly I won’t be able to participate in Open Source 101 Columbia but if it’s half as good as the one held in Raleigh it’s a can’t miss event. Open Source 101 is such a fantastic and inexpensive event (if you need assistance with a ticket let me know).

ChefConf 2018
Dates: 2018-05-22 through 2018-05-25
Join an awesome community of #DevOps and automation professionals at ChefConf in Chicago. I’ll be presenting a brand spanking new talk, DevOps is Not a War. Save 10% with discount code ‘Hugs4Chef’.

DevOpsDays Toronto 2018
Dates: 2018-05-30 through 2018-05-31
I’ll admit it, I’ve never been to Canada. But, I’m definitely going to DevOpsDays Toronto this year to present What the Military Taught Me about DevOps.


Microsoft faces 238 complaints of gender discrimination: The company says not enough women have been affected to warrant a class action. WTF MICROSOFT?!?

5 Reasons Why Women Aren’t Applying to Speak at Your Conference: You should follow Chloe Condon, she’s going places.

How to avoid humiliating newcomers: A guide for advanced developers: To sustain an open source community’s growth, we need to welcome new developers. Unfortunately, we are not always a welcoming bunch.

Building Bridges to GopherCon 2018: Raise money to send folks to GopherCon through buying absolutely amazing Go shirts (art by Ashley McNamara).


Say yes to Markdown, no to MS Word: Please, for the love of all things holy, don’t be like Oracle and show up for an engagement with a Word doc to copy and paste commands from into a terminal.

Kubernetes Security Announcement: Kubernetes 1.7.14, 1.8.9, and 1.9.4 released to address volume vulnerabilities. These vulns spurred me to finally sit down and bang out the rak8s upgrade playbook.

3 best practices for securing Kubernetes environments: Get proactive to defend against the biggest risks facing Kubernetes deployments.

Analysis of a Kubernetes hack — Backdooring through kubelet: It appears someone found a way to drop some crypto mining software on a running container and execute the process.

Enforcing the ‘Two-Person Rule’ with AWS CodePipeline


CNCF to Host NATS: I really like NATS; it’s one of the first Go projects I tinkered with. “NATS is a messaging technology that implements the publish/subscribe, request/reply and distributed queue patterns to help create a performant and secure method of InterProcess Communication (IPC).”

GoogleCloudPlatform/skaffold: Having seen skaffold in action this week at Google, I know it’s going to be a huge time saver for folks.

Service Fabric is going open source: Microsoft Azure Service Fabric is going open source under the MIT license and over the coming months we will be transitioning to a completely open development process on GitHub.

Interactive Linux Kernel Map

How to use Ansible to set up system monitoring with Prometheus: In the third part of this Ansible how-to series, learn how to automate system monitoring.

erroneousboat/slack-term: Slack client for your terminal written in Go

Jenkins X provides CI/CD for Kubernetes: Not sure what Cloudbees is trying to do here. I tried to get this working on minikube on Wednesday and couldn’t. But, at least they realize Kubernetes is a thing they should address.

gitkube: Build and deploy docker images to Kubernetes using git push.

How to Integrate RollingUpdate Strategy for TPR in Kubernetes

Introducing Agones: Open-source, multiplayer, dedicated game-server hosting built on Kubernetes

Mitogen: An experimental extension to Ansible is included that implements host connections over Mitogen, replacing embedded shell invocations with pure-Python equivalents invoked via highly efficient remote procedure calls tunnelled over SSH. No changes are required to the target hosts.

8 DevOps tools that smoothed our migration from AWS to GCP: Tamr

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week