This week has been a blur. Monday through Wednesday, I was in Atlanta for DevOpsDays. DevOpsDays Atlanta was a truly great event. The theme was well thought out and the speakers were fantastic. This was the first time I actually manned a booth at an event before too. Talking to total strangers is something I’m okay with. It’s a good thing too because there were a ton of visitors to the SJ Technologies booth. My talk, DevOps is Not War, was on Wednesday. It was a brand new talk, with a brand new presentation tool, and the first time I used Google Slides. Testing in production as one member of the audience stated. I had the opportunity to iron out the kinks on Thursday in Ann Arbor at AWS Michigan where I gave my second talk in as many days, Heaven is Not a Cloud. Then on Friday, I demoed Kubernetes Cron Jobs to the Detroit Kubernetes, Docker & all related things Meetup. Needless to say, three new talks in three different cities over three consecutive days was a challenge. Could I do it again, yes. Would I voluntarily do it again? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€ͺ

ReactiveOps β€” The Kubernetes Experts
ReactiveOps provides DevOps expertise and best practices to help companies implement world-class, Kubernetes-based Infrastructure on AWS/GCP β€” then we maintain it. We instill confidence in a company’s application so that their engineers can focus on innovation that matters. SPONSORED


Event-Based Architectures in Go
Date: 2018-04-27
We’ll talk about design considerations, effective uses for event-based systems, the state of the Go ecosystem, and work through some examples that leverage Apache Kafka.

ChefConf 2018
Dates: 2018-05-22 through 2018-05-25
Join an awesome community of #DevOps and automation professionals at ChefConf in Chicago. I’ll be presenting, DevOps is Not a War. Save 10% with discount code Hugs4Chef.

DevOpsDays Toronto 2018
Dates: 2018-05-30 through 2018-05-31
I’ll admit it, I’ve never been to Canada. But, I’m definitely going to DevOpsDays Toronto this year to present What the Military Taught Me about DevOps.

Chaos Conf
Date: 2018-09-28
Chaos Conf looks super awesome. Opening the event will be Adrian Cockcroft, VP AWS, who called 2018 “The year of #chaosengineering”. Closing out the night will be Jessie Frazelle, one of the top #containers experts on the planet currently at Microsoft.


Microsoft Has Come a Long Way: A personal journey through Microsoft’s bright past, the dark Balmer years, and optimism for its future.

Our Book Has Been Released! Introducing Istio Service Mesh for Microservices: A free O’Reilly book? On Istio and service meshes? I’ll take it!

To be Inclusive, Change How You Collaborate: A nice overview of important topics discussed at DevOpsDays Atlanta this year.

How to Submit the Best CFP of Your Life (And What to Do When It Gets Accepted) (Episode 23)

10 things leaders with emotional intelligence never do: High EQ leaders don’t lose their cool. They don’t swallow emotions. Learn about the behaviors to avoid as you build emotional intelligence.

What developers need to know about security: Developers don’t need to become security specialists, but they do need to shift away from a mindset that views security as some unfortunate obstacle.


DevSecOps - It’s Just a Name. Get Over it.

Hackers once stole a casino’s high-roller database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank: If your IT organization doesn’t realize it needs to seperate IoT and infrastructure devices from your business and operations devices you’re going to have a bad time.

How Netflix does failovers in 7 minutes flat: Netflix decreased the time it takes to respond to an outage from 45 minutes to seven with no additional cost.

Fired FBI director James Comey reveals how Apple and Google’s encryption efforts “drove me crazy”: Comey stated, “the leaders of the tech companies don’t see the darkness the FBI sees,” such as terrorism and organized crime. While that may be true, your need for security does not subjugate society’s right to privacy.

DevOpsDays Atlanta 2018: DevOps is Not War: Over the past 500 years, there have been 16 cases of a rising power threatening to displace a ruling power. 75% of those cases resulted in war. Although your organizational transformation probably won’t lead to war, it could be contentious. History can help prevent conflict when driving change. This talk will analyze human tendencies, historical data, and provide real-world examples of how to prevent conflict during your DevOps journey.

The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques: A look at attacks coming to your network soon.

Netflix, Long an AWS Customer, Tests Waters on Google Cloud: “Netflix, one of Amazon Web Services’ biggest customers, is expanding its use of Google Cloud, AWS’s biggest rival, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.”

Pivotal prices IPO at $15 a share: Congrats to my Pivotal peeps on your IPO!

OK, this time it’s for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone: Now for the last time, will you all please shift to IPv6?!

3 tips for organizing your open source project’s workflow on GitHub: Bring a method to the madness of organizing your open source project with GitHub project boards.

DevSecOps and Containers: The Numbers Don’t Lie: Container Security is quickly becoming a segment ripe for standardization and simplification. Given the recent explosive growth of Kubernetes and the creation of new container runtimes in the past year, this should not come as a surprise.

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Cloud Billing


For the first time ever, Microsoft will distribute its own version of Linux: Azure Sphere, a new technology designed to protect the processors that power smart appliances, connected toys, and other gadgets is powered by custom Linux kernel.

Debugging TCP socket leak in a Kubernetes cluster: “For failures that are hard to detect, check underlying nodes”

Kubernetes best practices: How and why to build small container images

Log aggregation with ElasticSearch, Fluentd and Kibana stack on ARM64 Kubernetes cluster: EFK is to Kubernetes what ELK is to VMs.

How to deploy an EFK stack to Kubernetes

Conduit 0.4.0: Where’s my traffic?: “This release has some significant improvements to the Prometheus-based telemetry system, and introduces some incredibly cool new tools for debugging microservices.”

Merge requests are coming to your desktop with Tower: GitLab users can now work with merge requests right from their desktops. A new version of Tower brings native support for all self-hosted versions of GitLab and

Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry grow closer

Why is the kernel community replacing iptables with BPF?: “This is a post by long-time Linux kernel networking developer and creator of the Cilium project, Thomas Graf”

5 things I wish I’d known about Kubernetes before I started: Looking to dive into Kubernetes? Here’s some advice on how to get started from a GitLab engineer.

Running Jenkins builds in containers: A container application platform’s ability to dynamically bring up isolated containers with resource limits changes how you can run CI/CD tasks.

5 guiding principles you should know before you design a microservice: Top CTOs offer advice for a well-designed microservice based on five simple principles.

How to Migrate a Go API to Serverless (in Under 10 Mins)

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL now generally available and ready for your production workloads: This is great but, word on the street is you might not want to migrate over right away. There are still some kinks in this product.

Introducing the Vault Operator for Kubernetes: “The Vault Operator aims to make it easier to install, manage, and maintain instances of Vault – a tool designed for storing, managing, and controlling access to secrets, such as tokens, passwords, certificates, and API keys – on Kubernetes clusters.”

Container Attached Storage: A Primer

Titus, the Netflix container management platform, is now open source

mmproxy - Creative Linux routing to preserve client IP addresses in L7 proxies

Introducing kaniko: Build container images in Kubernetes and Google Container Builder without privileges

knsv/mermaid: Generation of diagram and flowchart from text in a similar manner as markdown

jessfraz/cni-benchmarks: A simple program to benchmark various container networking (CNI) plugins.

heptio/ark: v0.8.0 is out

travisjeffery/jocko: Kafka implemented in Golang with built-in coordination (No ZK dep, single binary install, Cloud Native) πŸ‘€

ankane/s3tk: A security toolkit for Amazon S3

bootandy/dust: A more intuitive version of du in rust


SJ Technologies is looking to bring someone on board to work in our DevOps and Digital Transformation practice. If you want to help some big time companies eager to implement change let me know. Plus, you get to work with John Willis and I which is pretty great (IMHO).

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