My whirlwind speaking tour continued at DevOpsDays Toronto this week. The tour continues at DevNation Federal in Washington DC on Tuesday. The event is free to all so come out and say, “Hi.” I’ll also be at DevOpsDays DC. Stop by the SJ Technologies booth and talk some DevOps or Kubernetes if you’re around.

5 considerations for continuous delivery of microservices
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DevNation Federal
Date: 2018-06-05
Join us to learn about the revolutions happening in communities around containers, data, and application modernization. This is an opportunity for you to hear how visionary teams in the federal government are innovating with open source, and hear from leaders in the private sector doing the same.

Chaos Conf
Date: 2018-09-28
Chaos Conf looks super awesome. Opening the event will be Adrian Cockcroft, VP AWS, who called 2018 “The year of #chaosengineering”. Closing out the night will be Jessie Frazelle, one of the top #containers experts on the planet currently at Microsoft.


Open sass: Ubuntu/Red Hat drama erupts at Openstack: “Canonical founder and part-time hobby astronaut Mark Shuttleworth opened a war of words with Red Hat on stage at Openstack last week” 🤭🤭🤭

Vermont will pay you $10,000 to move there and work remotely: I’m not sure if this is sad or awesome.

How to Get Your KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Talk Accepted: How can you improve the odds of getting your talk selected?

The secret to better one-on-one meetings: Are your meetings as engaging, comprehensive, honest, and open as they should be? This checklist can help.

Melinda Gates has sharp words for the VC industry: Enough with your love for ’the white guy in a hoodie’: We still have a huge problem in tech and it’s going to take folks like Melinda Gates to help fix it.

Kelsey Hightower on Imposter Syndrome


Microsoft has been talking about buying GitHub, a startup at the center of the software world last valued at $2 billion: What could possibly go wrong? cough VSTS! cough But, it’s interesting that GNOME and GIMP have finished migrating to GitLab this week.

Kubernetes best practices: upgrading your clusters with zero downtime

DevOps Notes from the Field

Oracle’s Aggressive Sales Tactics Are Backfiring With Customers: No shit?

10 GitHub Security Best Practices: 10 GitHub security best practices

Troubleshooting tips: How to talk so your cloud provider will listen (and understand)

Learn OpenTracing using Interactive Browser-Based Scenarios: Solve real problems and enhance your skills with browser based hands on labs without any downloads or configuration

CNCF to Host Helm: Welcome to CNCF, Helm!

Ops Moving At Git Pace: GitOps, y’all

Google Plans Not to Renew Its Contract for Project Maven, a Controversial Pentagon Drone AI Imaging Program: Maven, the controversial program that Googlers are up in arms about, won’t be getting a contract extension with Google next year. But, as JBD and I discussed on Twitter, “The government will find someone to do this in place of Google. Imagine how crappily a defense contractor would handle this challenge. I trust Google with this task over the competition any day.” Sadly, “This is a no win scenario.”


[ANNOUNCE] Git v2.17.1, v2.13.7, v2.14.4, v2.15.2 and v2.16.4: A gnarly git vulnerability was patched this week

Free Resources for Open Source Leadership, AI, Networking, and More

Weekend Reading: Ansible from Linux Journal

Kubernetes on OrangePI ARM64: You can run Kubernetes on so many different platforms.

Cloud is a six-horse race, and three of those have been lapped: “New Gartner Supernatural Square has AWS and Azure on top, IBM and Alibaba lagging and Oracle on an offensive”

Windows Updates and Ansible: “In this post we’re taking a quick look at using Ansible to manage updates on your Windows nodes.”

Flatcar Linux: The CoreOS Operating System Lives on Beyond Red Hat: I met Chris Kühl at ChefConf, keep an eye on Flatcar Linux.

A cartoon intro to DNS over HTTPS

artificer: Building docker images without docker

Build a concurrent TCP server in Go: Develop a concurrent TCP server that generates random numbers using only about 65 lines of Go code.

Go test your tests in Go with go test

Skaffold: happy Kubernetes workflows: Getting up and running with Skaffold

Pornhub launches VPNhub, its own virtual private network app (SFW): This is an interesting development

minikube Me! Getting Ramped Up!: My buddy, Jay, is getting into the Kubernetes world. Here’s his story.

Introducing kustomize; Template-free Configuration Customization for Kubernetes

Cloud-native machine learning with Kubernetes: Kubeflow project aims to make it easy for everyone to develop, deploy, and manage composable, portable, and scalable machine learning on Kubernetes.

How the Go runtime implements maps efficiently (without generics)

aquasecurity/microscanner: Scan your container images for package vulnerabilities with Aqua Security

linux-noah/noah: A Darwin subsystem for Linux

jeefy/local-infrastructure/pihole Want to run Pi-hole on your Kubernetes cluster?

kubernetes-helm/chartmuseum: Helm Chart Repository with support for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Alibaba Cloud OSS Storage, and Openstack Object Storage

guardicore/monkey: Infection Monkey - An automated pentest tool

lucperkins/colossus: An example microservice architecture for Kubernetes using Bazel, Go, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Minikube, Gazelle, gRPC, and more

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week

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