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Webinar: Actionable Continuous Delivery Metrics
Want to deliver faster? Join our free webinar: Actionable Continuous Delivery Metrics. Gain insights into software delivery pipeline and learn to use metrics to improve your path to production. SPONSORED

Ballerina: Cloud-Native Programming Language
Ballerina makes it easy to write microservices that integrate APIs. TechWorld placed it as #1 in their “Top programming languages you should try”. Ballerina supports modern protocols and data formats, has built-in constructs for event and stream processing, resiliency, parallel execution, and can deploy directly onto Docker and Kubernetes. SPONSORED

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Date: 2018-08-16 to 2018-08-17
We’re here to explore what it really means to build solid, sustainable infrastructures—not only for our code, but for our organizations and people as well. We all know that we care about the technology, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to consider the impact that these choices have on the people responsible for the technology as well.
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DevOpsDays Boston 2018
Date: 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-25

Chaos Conf
Date: 2018-09-28
Chaos Conf looks super awesome. Opening the event will be Adrian Cockcroft, VP AWS, who called 2018 “The year of #chaosengineering”. Closing out the night will be Jessie Frazelle, one of the top #containers experts on the planet currently at Microsoft.

AnsibleFest 2018
Date: 2018-10-02 to 2018-10-03
AnsibleFest is the annual user conference for the Ansible community and Red Hat Ansible Automation users. For the first time, we’ve expanded to two-days, jam-packed with content covering all aspects of IT automation, whether you’re just getting started or already an advanced automation professional.

All Day DevOps, Live Online
Date: 2018-10-17 (24 hours)
Where: From your desktop, laptop, or mobile device
Free Registration

Cloud Native Day Israel 2018
Date: 2018-11-05
This conference is looking to be at the forefront of the cloud native revolution and this year will focus on the hottest trends such as Edge Computing, Multi-Cloud Automation, Kubernetes and containers, Serverless, IoT and more. Join us in beautiful Tel Aviv by submitting your talks or getting a ticket at:

DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2018
Date: 2018-12-18 to 2018-12-19
As part of the DevOpsDays umbrella, we invite you to sunny (yup, even in December) Tel Aviv for a two-day DevOps extravaganza with keynotes from Jono Bacon, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, and more as well as insightful discussions on various ways to strengthen DevOps in your organization.


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How to spot a DevOps faker: IT leaders share 7 tips on weeding out DevOps job candidates who may be more hype than substance. Whether you’re a job seeker or a hiring manager, heed these lessons

3 big steps toward building authentic developer communities: How do you build community while also meeting the needs of an organization? These three steps can help.

Why I love hiring Junior engineers: “I believe that hiring up-and-coming engineers is not only a viable alternative but in fact an advantage.”

andrealmar/sre-university: A complete study plan to become a Site Reliability Engineer.

Artificial intelligence will create as many jobs as it destroys, according to a PwC analysis: THE AI BOGEYMAN WILL END US ALL!!!!!!!1!

Russian Influence Campaign Sought To Exploit Americans’ Trust In Local News: “NPR has reviewed information connected with the investigation and found 48 such accounts. They have names such as @ElPasoTopNews, @MilwaukeeVoice, @CamdenCityNews and @Seattle_Post.” Wow! I wonder how many non-official Twitter accounts from tech companies are pushing opinion one way or another. A coordinated disinformation campaign could bring a whole new meaning to FUD.

Building your team’s culture of shared responsibility: Effective leaders delegate—but open leaders use delegation as a tool for enhancing trust, collaboration, and adaptability.

Is BDFL a death sentence?: What happens when a Benevolent Dictator For Life moves on from an open source project?

5 open source principles that help DevOps teams excel: From a belief in meritocracy to a focus on continuous improvement, open source culture principles can supercharge DevOps teams. CIOs can help maximize the benefits


The PEP 572 endgame: “While the Python project charts its course in the wake of [Guido van Rossum] resignation, it makes sense to catch up on where things stand with this contentious PEP that has now been accepted for Python 3.8.”

Google Reveals the Secrets of DevOps: “Unlike other less well-curated development experiences, Google’s process is worth examining and shouldn’t leave anyone offended or covered in sausage leavings.”

Amazon suffers glitches at the start of Prime Day, its biggest shopping day of the year

Internal documents show how Amazon scrambled to fix Prime Day glitches: Amazon failed at AWS. But, still set a record for Prime Day sales despite not being able to even pick or pack orders at its warehouses.

Red Hat Looks Beyond Docker for Container Technology: While Docker Inc and its eponymous container engine helped to create the modern container approach, Red Hat has multiple efforts of its own it is now actively developing.

Backblaze Durability is 99.999999999% — And Why It Doesn’t Matter: A fascinating look into how Backblaze has created and calculated its “data durability” numbers. And why that is really irrelevant (past a certain number of nines).

Containers or virtual machines: ​Which is more secure? The answer will surprise you: IBM Research has created a new way to measure software security, Horizontal Attack Profile, and it’s found a properly secured container can be almost as secure as a virtual machine.

“For decades, it has been industry-standard forensic and digital evidence handling practice to conduct analysis on forensic images instead of original evidence”

Kubernetes anti-patterns: Let’s do GitOps, not CIOps!: “When we speak to customers about deployment automation for Kubernetes, we often see an anti-pattern that is not fully understood by most of the folks who implement it. In fact, the majority of Kubernetes CI/CD tutorials out there prescribe exactly this anti-pattern.”

The Evolution of Continuous Delivery - A Panelist Discussion on DevOps and Continuous Deployment

An Illustrated Proof of the CAP Theorem: This guide will summarize Gilbert and Lynch’s specification and proof of the CAP Theorem with pictures!

Slack Just Acquired Its 3rd Company In a Quest to Broaden Its Product

How the sausage is made: the Kubernetes 1.11 release interview, from the Kubernetes Podcast

Walmart signs sweeping cloud deal with Microsoft, joining forces against Amazon

Google Cloud Platform reins in its trigger-happy account-axing AI cops: Chocolate Factory apologizes for overzealous bots as service wobbles offline

Government’s Kaspersky Ban Takes Effect

Fastly raises another $40 million before an IPO: Congrats to my Fastly peeps!


Dynamic Kubernetes Client for Ansible: The new Kubernetes modules shipping in Ansible 2.6 support all resources the Kubernetes server supports, and fix nearly all the bugs that were in the 2.5 k8s_raw and openshift_raw modules. If you want to control your Kubernetes infrastructure with Ansible, now is a very good time to give it a try.

Kubernetes Wins the 2018 OSCON Most Impact Award: Happy 4th (or 3rd depending on what date we’re using) birthday to Kubernetes. Here’s a trophy to put on the ole birthday cake!

Amazon EC2 Instance Update – Faster Processors and More Memory

Getting Started with the OpenFaaS Kubernetes Operator on EKS: The OpenFaaS Operator comes with an extension to the Kubernetes API that allows you to manage OpenFaaS functions in a declarative manner. The operator implements a control loop that tries to match the desired state of your OpenFaaS functions, defined as a collection of custom resources, with the actual state of your cluster.

Ansible Galaxy: Doin’ It Right: Some big changes happening to Ansible Galaxy. Looks like a major improvement.

Podman 0.7.2 released: “There were also two interesting features that users will be interested in: the ability to create a container with multiple networks and the podman remote client.”

Opinion: GitHub vs GitLab: “So if you have the means, and the need, please run your own copy of GitLab CE for your project. If you can, open it up to the wider Free Software community and allow all free software projects to use infrastructure that respects the freedom of all users. GNU, Debian and GNOME have done it. Who’s next?”

The Shell Introduction I Wish I Had

rabbitstack/rabbitc: Micro container runtime meant for learning purposes

What is serverless, anyway?: “When DigitalOcean polled developers on serverless, for their June 2018 issue of currents, one of their findings was that half of developers did not have a strong understanding of serverless.”

Crictl Vs Podman: “Crictl checks the front entrance, while Podman examines the foundation.”

Ballerina reinvents cloud-native programming: Cloud-native programming languages, like Ballerina, will become essential along with the growth of microservices architectures.

Cisco stock shoots up 3% after Amazon officially denies that it’s going to become a competitor: Apparently AWS is not going to be making switches to compete with Cisco (contradicting a recent report).

Microsoft is making the Windows command line a lot better: Windows is finally going to catch up to a 40-year-old Unix feature.

fatih/vim-go: vim-go got a nice update this week.

Amazon Tests Out Two Tools to Help Keep Its Cloud Secure

The life of a span: “In the OpenTracing realm, as well as in other parts of the distributed tracing world, a ‘span’ is the name given to the data structure that stores data related to a single unit of work.”

hiveco/conntrack_exporter: Prometheus exporter for network connections

Awesome TUIs: List of projects that provide terminal user interfaces by Justin Garrison

rtr7/router7: pure-Go small home internet router


DevOps Engineer at TiVo in Durham, NC
As a DevOps Engineer, you’ll be part of a small operations team responsible for engineering and maintaining the production infrastructure for Tivo’s Advanced Search and Recommendations platform in the cloud and on-premises.

Developer Advocate at Kickbox (REMOTE, US Only)
The core of developer relations is community and empathy. We’re looking for someone that can connect with people, build relationships and actively support the learning and success of others.

Product Marketer at Kickbox (REMOTE, US Only)
The core of product marketing is rooted in product promotion. It’s a combination of product development and branding and plays a critical role in bringing new tech products to market. We’re looking for someone to enthusiastically collect data, create developer personas and develop a marketing funnel.

DevOps Engineer at Solarwinds (Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Durham, NC)
The DevOps Engineer will play an important role in supporting the 24x7 availability and ongoing growth of our service offerings. The successful candidate will possess a high degree of technical skill, have a collaborative approach to problem solving, and understand the important of balancing operational decisions against total cost of ownership. We’re a multi-office, multi-timezone team and so communication skills and self management are very important to us.

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