It’s one of our rare long weekends here in the US. I’m trying really hard to have a good time and not ruin any great moments. There’s a lot I could be doing but, I’m holding off to help recharge. I hope you are taking a similar break is you’re able. A lot of good stuff in the works here for you. First, DevOps’ish has teamed up with O’Reilly to provide discounts on all manner of O’Reilly content, books, ebooks, events, and more. More good things will come as a result of this partnership (stay tuned).

Webinar: “Want to successfully adopt DevOps? Change Everything.”
Moving your organization to a DevOps culture isn’t as simple as buying a tool. It requires changes to many parts of your process. In this webinar, Ken Mugrage will walk you through four changes you can make in your organization to help you “Do the DevOps”. SPONSORED

Correlate request traces, metrics, and logs
Seamlessly navigate between logs, metrics, and request traces for a clear view of all your systems. Visualize and alert on metrics in real-time with anomaly and outlier detection. Try Datadog’s full-stack monitoring for free SPONSORED

Tammy Butow. Alice Goldfuss. Bridget Kromhout. And you?
The O’Reilly Velocity Conference is returning to New York City, | September 30 - October 3—and the speaker lineup is bigger than ever. You’ll learn from experts and practitioners like Tammy Butow (Principle SRE, Gremlin), Alice Goldfuss (Site Reliability Engineer, GitHub), Bridget Kromhout (Principal Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft), plus another 73 experts and thought leaders. And that’s just the speakers. Velocity attendees are a pretty fascinating bunch, too. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discuss the latest in DevOps, Systems Engineering, and Infrastructure with those working on the front lines.

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Running Windows 95 in an “app” is a dumb stunt that makes a good point: Software piracy remains an important part of preserving our digital heritage.

Stop telling women how they should talk: “What really needs to change isn’t women’s voices, but how we think about women and their voices.”

US Court of Appeals: An IP address isn’t enough to identify a pirate: Copyright owners will need more if they want a successful legal case

Microsoft will require suppliers to offer paid parental leave: Be the change you want to see in the world. Unless you can force the change. Then force the change.

Advice for a new executive by Lara Hogan


Announcing Accelerate: State of DevOps 2018: Strategies for a New Economy

5 best practices to have a smooth and cost-effective Kubernetes cluster: “#3 Take Kubernetes security seriously”

Introducing Project Paper Cuts: Project Paper Cuts is dedicated to working directly with the community to fix small to medium-sized workflow problems, iterate on UI/UX, and find other ways to make the quick improvements that matter most.

cablespaghetti/kubeadm-aws: Really cheap Kubernetes cluster on AWS with kubeadm

The Official GitOps FAQ

Windows 0-day pops up out of nowhere Twitter: Privilege escalation exploit, for which no patch exists, dumped on GitHub

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Receives $9 Million Cloud Credit Grant from Google Cloud to Fund Kubernetes Development, Empower Community

Redis, The Commons Clause, and Adding Clauses To Open Source Licenses

Why Adding More Products Isn’t Always the Best Way to Grow: “The lesson: Growth is best achieved by making things simpler for your customer rather than for you.”

The State of Agile Software in 2018 by Martin Fowler

That Time Telco Lobbyists Sent Me All Their Talking Points About Trying To Shift The Blame To Internet Companies

Open Source Program Management 2018 Survey Results


10 most important differences between OpenShift and Kubernetes: OpenShift > Kubernetes

A sysadmin’s guide to containers: What you need to know to understand how containers work.

kontena/mortar: The manifest shooter for Kubernetes

WireGuard VPN review: A new type of VPN offers serious advantages: Fewer lines of code, simpler setup, and better algorithms make a strong case.

Deploy OpenFaaS and Kubernetes on DigitalOcean with Ansible: Richard Gee introduces the quickest way yet to get a working Kubernetes or Swarm cluster on DigitalOcean with OpenFaaS

A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps by Katrina Clokie: A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps offers direction and advice to anyone involved in testing in a DevOps environment.

Kubernetes 101: How to get started with container orchestration: Kubernetes is one of the best things to happen to DevOps in the past few years. But, if you missed the first wave, the terminology and technology can be confusing sometimes. Here, Ashley Lipman goes over the basics of this container orchestration system and explains how new developers can get started with this fundamental technology.

The cloud native future is here: These are the most popular technologies: The results of the bi-annual CNCF survey are here. We’ll have a closer look at the most popular technologies, as well as the benefits of cloud native projects and the challenges in using and deploying containers. Let’s dig in!

6 places to host your git repository: GitHub’s recent acquisition has caused some users to explore alternatives to the popular code repository. Here are some to consider.

Go WebAssembly - Building a Calculator Tutorial

6 open source tools for making your own VPN: Want to try your hand at building your own VPN but aren’t sure where to start?

Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes Solution Adds ‘Arbitrage’ Capabilities to Dynamically Run Nodes in a Cluster on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances: Solution automatically optimizes cost and infrastructure utilization by continuously evaluating cloud costs and dynamically allocating capacity at the lowest price available, while ensuring availability and performance SLAs are met

Helping Go developers build better cloud apps faster

15 command-line aliases to save you time: Some aliases are included by default in your installed Linux distro.

4 Ansible playbooks you should try: Streamline and tighten automation processes in complex IT environments with these Ansible playbooks.

Announcing Project Athens and GopherSource for the Go community

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week