It’s weird how things decay online. A 404 here, a failed git submodule update there can lead to weird things breaking. I noticed that happening with The site had gotten slower too despite it being a static site served through Cloudflare. I spent an evening looking for new Hugo themes. Testing their performance, figuring out what design would work best for me, and looked pleasant.

Last night, I ended up picking the updated version of the theme I was already using. Today, I tuned it for a balance of features and performance. Then I went about tweaking the features to my liking. After cleaning up some 404s, I promoted the branch to master, and the CI was off and running.

At what point was I doing web development? I don’t know. But, that’s how I got my second big job in tech. Internet Explorer (back when it was on a coveted CD) came with FrontPage Express. Say what you want about FrontPage. But, I knew how to use Microsoft Word and FrontPage Express gave me a WYSIWYG that showed me how to write HTML at the flip of a switch. Then I started writing web sites to W3C specs, discovered CSS, and ended up writing more web sites in Notepad then later jed and vim.

I was a senior in high school and needed a job after work. It was a fortuitous event that I needed internet access and they needed me. I took what I learned in my first tech job as an MIS technician and what I learned about Web 1.0 on my own and turned it into one of the best jobs I ever had. I learned about enterprise IT, Windows, and Linux. I read RFCs, ran internet services and loved my massive desk with two customized computers. One computer ran Windows 98 (seldom used) and my daily driver ran Red Hat Linux. The best part was the full T-1 speed late at night.

Then the dot-com bubble burst and off to the Air Force I went. Where I did do some upgrading of Air Combat Command’s websites. At no point though did I consider myself a web developer but, maybe that should change. I’ve done it longer than I’ve done DevOps. Ha! Who am I kidding? This is hard stuff and I’d rather leave it up to the experts. Web development is hard. Fight me.

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Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene is out, to be replaced by former Oracle exec Thomas Kurian — Diane Greene became head of Google’s cloud three years ago after her start-up was acquired. She’s being replaced by Thomas Kurian, who was previously president of Oracle.

What Diane Greene’s Departure Means for Google Cloud — I’m sure this change will bring with it a shift in how Google Cloud attacks enterprise deals.

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This Chemical Is So Hot It Destroys Nerve Endings—in a Good Way — Wired stories like this give me a lot of hope. If you know anyone working with RTX, have them give me a call. I’ve got some periphery nerve damage they can test.


Google Kubernetes Engine’s third consecutive day of service disruption — Running complex systems at enormous scale is hard work. If something goes wrong it has high chance of escalating into a very big problem very quickly. Thankfully, I was not impacted by this in a significant way because I do not put all my eggs in any one provider’s basket.

Google goes down after major BGP mishap routes traffic through China — Google says it doesn’t believe leak was malicious despite suspicious appearances.

How a Nigerian ISP Accidentally Knocked Google Offline — “Last Monday evening — 12 November 2018 — Google and a number of other services experienced a 74 minute outage.”

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IBM, ServiceNow team up to expedite customers’ multicloud migrations — IBM Corp. is stepping up its pitch to be the preferred multicloud manager for enterprise businesses.

FCC paves the way for improved GPS accuracy — “The commission approved an order that will allow consumer devices to tap into a European satellite system.” I wonder what kind of improvements we’ll see to timing sources as a result of this.

Uber Joins the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member — The Linux Foundation becomes the next stop on the Uber apology tour. It’ll work and it’ll better the company as a result. But, this should never have had to have happened.

Spectre, Meltdown researchers unveil 7 more speculative execution attacks — Systematic analysis reveals a range of new issues and a need for new mitigations. This. Will. Never. End.

What you need to know about the GPL Cooperation Commitment — The GPL Cooperation Commitment fosters innovation by freeing developers from fear of license termination.

Tracking Down Exposed Kubernetes Instances in the Wild — “After gathering close to 80,000 servers and analyzing them, I found that about 1000 servers are affected by this problem.”

Corporate America’s blockchain and bitcoin fever is over — S&P 500 executives are dropping blockchain buzzwords less on earnings calls and during presentations to analysts and investors. Analysts are also asking about it less.

Salesforce makes undisclosed “strategic investment” in Docker, companies will cross-sell MuleSoft and Docker Enterprise 👀

Tools, the hacker’s forge, now open for public alpha — “The 500 foot view is that is a 100% free and open source software forge, with a hosted version of the services running at for your convenience. Unlike GitHub, which is almost entirely closed source, and Gitlab, which is mostly open source but with a proprietary premium offering, all of is completely open source, with a copyleft license.”

The State of the Octoverse: top programming languages of 2018 — TypeScript arrives with a bang. Ruby’s popularity is in a long decline still.

Amazon Web Services in Plain English — What all this AWS nonsense should really be called.

Amazon S3 Block Public Access – Another Layer of Protection for Your Accounts and Buckets — See that bucket over there with the blinking red light? Might want to check that.

Amazon announces Corretto, a free, production-ready distribution of OpenJDK with LTS — Some people like their old versions of Java to be supported.

30 Second Kubernetes Concepts Cheat Sheet — A quick-reference guide to the basic concepts and resources available in Kubernetes.

Scaling CoreDNS in Kubernetes Clusters — A guide for tuning CoreDNS resources/requirements in Kubernetes clusters

Announcing Knative v0.2 Release — Improved pluggability, autoscaling, stability, and performance

chris-short.ansible_role_adguard_home — This Ansible Role will install AdGuard Home on target system(s). This shows off some of the new features we’ve been working on in Ansible Galaxy too.

Integrating Ansible and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta — RHEL 8 represents another significant change in RHEL. Python isn’t generally available by default (it’s still there at /usr/libexec/platform-python).

Monitoring With Prometheus Using Ansible — Get going with Prometheus using Ansible

7 open source platforms to get started with serverless computing — Serverless computing is transforming traditional software development. These open source platforms will help you get started.

4 tips for learning Golang — Arriving in Golang land: A senior developer’s journey.

GoAWK, an AWK interpreter written in Go — “Summary: After reading The AWK Programming Language I was inspired to write an interpreter for AWK in Go. This article gives an overview of AWK, describes how GoAWK works, how I approached testing, and how I measured and improved its performance.”

Azure/golua — A Lua 5.3 engine implemented in Go

thecasualcoder/tztail — tztail (TimeZoneTAIL) allows you to view logs in the timezone you want

Why and How to Use Git LFS — Learn how Git LFS, an open-source Git extension, will help you handle large repositories.

HomelabOS — Keep being gross tech companies. We could totally decentralize the web again with an Ansible Playbook.

Distribution Release: Raspbian 2018-11-13 — Nothing earth shattering from the server side of things (or so it seems).

Running ASP.NET Core on minikube

SSH Agents In Depth — A deep dive into how SSH agents work including some edge cases.

Find “Toxicity/Profanity” of a comment using Google Perspective — I need this built into my brain ASAP!

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week