Every week I comb through 1000s of articles that get curated down to somewhere between 60 to 100 URLs eligible for DevOps'ish. Those URLs land in this notes file that ends up being source material for the newsletter. Being in that group of links is an achievement of its own and should be lauded.

It's a shame when I have to choose between having too many links or someone's special thing getting featured in the newsletter. Here's another chance to shine!

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The following links and/or notes accompany the corresponding issue of DevOps'ish.


What learning kube could mean for some people : kubernetes

4 Things to Do Before a Tough Conversation

Fight, fight, fight. Gloves are off again between Nutanix and VMware • The Register

How to create an automated calendar with Google Apps Script with open source on top | Opensource.com

Your Own, Personal, Ansible | Adam Young’s Web Log

Kata Containers 1.5 release – Kata Containers – Medium

GitHub - jetstack/cert-manager: Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes

GitHub - Idnan/bash-guide: A guide to learn bash

Notes on Security in 2019 – Andreessen Horowitz

MySQL Design Flaw Allows Malicious Servers to Steal Files from Clients

a barely capable shell user - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Go to bed! Brain researchers warn that lack of sleep is a public health crisis. - The Washington Post

Git Butler

To talk about agile transformation, let’s go to the movies | The Enterprisers Project

Google Urged the U.S. to Limit Protection For Activist Workers - Bloomberg

Kubernetes Helm features I would wish to know from day one | JVM & Software development

One Way to Finance Tech Startups Outside of Superstar Cities

Pentagon admits it’s now probing conflicts of interest at AWS over $10bn JEDI cloud deal • The Register

GitHub - hjacobs/kubernetes-failure-stories: Compilation of public failure/horror stories related to Kubernetes

BGP Experiment

An In-Depth Guide to Nginx Metrics - Scalyr Blog

A statement on the acquisition of Travis CI by Idera | GitLab

What is a system? « The W. Edwards Deming Institute Blog

Cloud Migration Best Practices: How to Move Your Project to Kubernetes | Caylent

Jessie Frazelle’s Blog: For the Love of Pipes

Introducing the Next Generation InfluxDB 2.0 Platform | InfluxData

The Kubernetes startups we’re watching in 2019 - SiliconANGLE

Kubernetes Events Explained

Chris Short - What’s one thing the tech industry could do… | Facebook