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I’m in San Francisco this week for JFrog swampUP. If you’re around the Red Hat office on Monday, Embarcadero Center Tuesday and Wednesday, or going to the SF SRE Meetup Wednesday night and want to chat, let me know!

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DevOps’ish Last Week’s Top Five

  1. The guy who made a tool to track women in porn videos is sorry
  2. 12 Common Tools for Your DevOps Team
  3. Experience from Six Months of Remote Work
  4. The Linux Foundation Fires All Staff and Editors at Future Uncertain.
  5. Why does macOS Catalina use Zsh instead of Bash? Licensing


Digital WTF by Coté — My buddy Micheal Coté published a book. The foreword was written by my old boss and buddy, John Willis. I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t mention it. “When you’re finished being inspired, this book is waiting for you, like a forgotten twenty dollar bill in that lambskin trucker jacket you haven’t worn in 16 years.”

GitHub shocks top developer: Access to 5 years’ work inexplicably blocked — Three incidents in the past week illustrate the sometimes unavoidable risks involved in relying on cloud providers.

3 Themes from the Velocity Conference 2019 — “We analyzed the ~70 session talks across 10 categories and found observability, security, and resiliency were the main technology topics.”

On burnout, and getting past it — “It’s easy to burn out in a high-stress industry like IT. Here’s what to watch for, how to get out of it, and most importantly, how to avoid it.”

How to get started with site reliability engineering (SRE) — “Google SRE Stephen Thorne shares best practices for starting an SRE team at your company.”

The New York Times has a course to teach its reporters data skills, and now they’ve open-sourced it


What is DevOps — “DevOps is the professional practice of frequent, continued, and iterative improvements through measurable changes, the goal of which is to become a high-velocity organization thus improving business outcomes.”

VMware Inks Deal to Buy Avi Networks — “VMware plans to integrate this technology with its NSX networking and security portfolio, and says when the acquisition closes it will offer both built-in load balancing capabilities as part of VMware NSX Data Center and a standalone application delivery controller (ADC). It expects the transaction to close by early August.”

Maker Faire halts operations and lays off all staff — A sad story of how MAKE: can’t make it anymore (I’m sorry, I had to).

Learning Chaos Engineering [Book] — “You’ll learn ways to approach and adopt the discipline, how to prepare for and conduct successful chaos experiments manually, and how to work towards Continuous Chaos through automation.”

Comcast broke law 445,000 times in scheme to inflate bills, judge finds — It was probably cheaper or most cost-effective to break the law.

Google Announces Expansion to Ann Arbor and Detroit Offices — “[T]he company is planning expansions to both Detroit and Ann Arbor offices, adding hundreds of jobs and an entire new floor to the Detroit offices.”


Kubernetes for the impatient — “Bridget Kromhout looks over the cloud native landscape and talks about what’s new, what’s next, and what you need to get started with Kubernetes right now.”

Automate Kubernetes with GitOps

The Coffee is Getting Cold, It’s Time to GO – Getting Started Building Microservices — Maybe now is the time to make the move from Java to Go?

10 YAML tips for people who hate YAML — Do you hate YAML? These tips might ease your pain.

Podman and CRI-O in RHEL 8 and OpenShift 4 — “This is a quick article to pull together the entire picture of Podman and CRI-O with the releases of RHEL 8 and OpenShift Container Platform 4.”

Micro Frontends — “Good frontend development is hard. Scaling frontend development so that many teams can work simultaneously on a large and complex product is even harder.”

70 Best Kubernetes Tutorials — Valuable Kubernetes tutorials from multiple sources

NATS 2.0 Release Brings Advanced Security, Decentralized Management, Multi-Tenancy, and Global Scale to the Messaging System — “NATS 2.0 can replace multiple technologies like RPC systems, service meshes, event streaming, load balancers, policy and proxy sidecars as well as external security and authentication systems.”

Golang Boilerplate With Fully Managed Versions to Kick Start GoLang Development — “It is a kind of Get Started Kit where one can find all required components in a single package and need not to set up each time they start with any crucial work.”

Why containers and Kubernetes have the potential to run almost anything — “Go beyond deployment of simple applications and tackle day two operations with Kubernetes Operators.”

Adding SSL/TLS support to applications in Kubernetes-native way — “In this post we discuss our experience of adding SSL/TLS support for a web application running on Kubernetes.”

IBM Open Sources Razee, a Pull-Based Kubernetes Continuous Delivery Tool — “The team found itself in a conundrum that would only be solved by building its own continuous delivery (CD) software.”

WSL 2 is now available in Windows Insiders — “We’re excited to announce starting today you can try the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 by installing Windows build 18917 in the Insider Fast ring!”

dgkanatsios/CKAD-exercises — A set of exercises to prepare for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam by Cloud Native Computing Foundation

purpleidea/mgmt — Next generation distributed, event-driven, parallel config management!

ottomatica/slim — Build and run tiny vms from Dockerfiles. Small and sleek.

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