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Every week I comb through 1000s of articles that get curated down to somewhere between 60 to 100 URLs eligible for DevOps'ish. Those URLs land in this notes file that ends up being source material for the newsletter. Being in that group of links is an achievement of its own and should be lauded.

It's a shame when I have to choose between having too many links or someone's special thing getting featured in the newsletter. Here's another chance to shine!

As always, thank you for reading,
Chris Short

The following links and/or notes accompany the corresponding issue of DevOps'ish.

DevOps’ish Last Week’s Top Ten

  1. My Time at Google and After
  2. Document Like a Scientist
  3. DevOps terms: 10 essential concepts, explained
  4. Dell announces new Linux XPS 13 developer edition 7390 laptop
  5. Female-free speaker list causes PHP show to collapse when diversity-oriented devs jump ship
  6. curl exercises by Julia Evans
  7. sysdiglabs/kubectl-dig
  8. How to Grade DevOps Teams with Nicole Forsgren, PhD
  9. Project Pacific - Technical Overview
  10. fcsonline/drill


Deming Goes Hollywood « The W. Edwards Deming Institute Blog

Good Code Design From Linux/Kernel | Leandro Moreira

Gaming’s #MeToo Moment and the Tyranny of Male Fragility | WIRED

Night in the Woods Developer Alec Holowka Dies - IGN

People who post selfies are seen as less likable and less successful, WSU study finds — This means the selfie stick actually is as terrible as everyone thinks it is.

Building CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins | Opensource.com

Kubernetes security audit: What GKE and Anthos users need to know | Google Cloud Blog

How Google Turned Kubernetes into a Control Plane to Manage GCP Resources - The New Stack

What is GraphQL? | Opensource.com

Kafka, RabbitMQ or Kinesis – Solution Comparison | Epsagon

Getting started with a service mesh starts with a Gateway

Microsoft releases Excel XLOOKUP feature, spreadsheet jockeys rejoice

Remove mongodb by fxcoudert · Pull Request #43770 · Homebrew/homebrew-core

The Baseline Interpreter: a faster JS interpreter in Firefox 70 - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

The Plan to Use Fitbit Data to Stop Mass Shootings Is One of the Scariest Proposals Yet

zFRAG by LostTrainDude

KubeSecOps: Kubernetes Security Practices You Should Follow

iknite/sm-autoscale: Service Mesh Autoscale Test

Go: Retrospective - A Journey With Go - Medium

Sorry, we can’t join your Slack

Pulumi 1.0

AWS celebrates Labor Day weekend by roasting customer data in US-East-1 BBQ • The Register

Using the LXD Kali container image – Mi blog lah!

When Waterfall Principles Sneak Back Into Agile Workflows

To Build an Inclusive Culture, Start with Inclusive Meetings

Munging CSV files with standard Unix tools

Atlassian launches free tiers for all its cloud products, extends premium pricing plan | TechCrunch

Highly Available Kubernetes Clusters on AWS with Cluster API - Scott’s Weblog - The weblog of an IT pro focusing on cloud computing, Kubernetes, Linux, containers, and networking


Google’s ‘secret web tracking pages’ explained - BBC News

Our journey to type checking 4 million lines of Python | Dropbox Tech Blog

NTP Pool servers on Kubernetes on Packet | NTP Pool News

The Work Diary of Parisa Tabriz, Google’s ‘Security Princess’ - The New York Times

A Closer Look at Recent HTTP/2 Vulnerabilities Affecting K8s and Other Implementations - Randy Westergren

From the AWS Blog: What Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated can do for you – Red Hat OpenShift Blog

DNS configuration with Ansible | Enable Sysadmin

DNS configuration with Ansible | Enable Sysadmin

git exercises: navigate a repository - Julia Evans

Slack stock plunges on bigger-than-expected loss forecast - SiliconANGLE

ricoberger/vault-secrets-operator: Create Kubernetes secrets from Vault for a secure GitOps based workflow.

Take This Interactive DevSecOps Reference Architecture For a Test Drive

Take This Interactive DevSecOps Reference Architecture For a Test Drive

Brave accuses Google of trampling Europe’s GDPR with stealthy netizen-stalking adverts • The Register

Heroes in a Bash Shell — Command Line Heroes — Overcast

deliverybot/app-operator: Kubernetes operator for GRPC or HTTP applications. Simplifies and reduces boilerplate by creating an ingress, service and deployment under the hood for you.