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DevOps’ish Last Week’s Top Ten

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  2. What are your red flags for job hunting (/r/devops)
  3. A beginner’s guide to network troubleshooting in Linux
  4. What’s the difference between a console, a terminal, and a shell?
  5. Tools That Make Work Faster
  6. Open source developers: Stop blocking organizations you don’t like
  7. Chef is Dead (/r/devops)
  8. Essential Vim For CKAD Or CKA Exam
  9. DevOps vs. middle managers: 5 tips to knock out resistance
  10. Peloton wipes out more than $900 million of investor wealth in its first day of public trading (PTON)


In leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook against critics, competitors, and Elizabeth Warren - The Verge

How to install whois on RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 - nixCraft


Federation V2 is now KubeFed – Red Hat OpenShift Blog

Read the full transcript of Mark Zuckerberg’s leaked internal Facebook meetings - The Verge

Now use AWS Systems Manager to execute complex Ansible playbooks

Awesome Prometheus alerts | Collection of alerting rules

Kubernetes Shadow Hangs Over Docker Financial Squeeze - SDxCentral

Deploy VueJS applications on OpenShift – Red Hat OpenShift Blog

Who killed Hadoop ? - Enterprise Irregulars

Richard Stallman Reportedly Steps Down As Head Of The GNU Project - Phoronix

A Multimillionaire Surveillance Dealer Steps Out Of The Shadows . . . And His $9 Million WhatsApp Hacking Van

AWS faces Elasticsearch lawsuit for trademark infringement

How to verify NTP is working Or not (Check Status of NTP) - nixCraft

Processing 40 TB of code from ~10 million projects with a dedicated server and Go for $100 | Ben E. C. Boyter

9 Web Development Trends to Skip in 2019 - ReadWrite

dylanaraps/pure-sh-bible: 📖 A collection of pure POSIX sh alternatives to external processes.

Google will not donate Knative framework ’to any foundation for the foreseeable future’ • The Register

We’re all doooooomed: Gloomy Brit workforce really isn’t coping well with impending Brexit • The Register

Decades-Old Code Is Putting Millions of Critical Devices at Risk | WIRED

State of Devops 2019

Microsoft Stops Trusting SSD Makers

Generate SELinux policies for containers with Udica

CNCF welcomes KubeVirt and its VM-Kubernetes integration • DEVCLASS

My Time at Snap - Marko Tupper - Medium

PostgreSQL considers seccomp() filters [LWN.net]

KCSAN · google/ktsan Wiki

Review of Pod-to-Pod Communications in Kubernetes - Superuser

Four Simple Steps to Staying Secure | SANS Security Awareness

Tonic: gRPC has come to async/await!

Microservices, and the Observability Macroheadache – Red Hat OpenShift Blog

Solving documentation for monoliths and monorepos at Spotify

Weaveworks GitOps Manager Adds Policy Based Cluster Automation to Kubernetes

Demo of Application Routing of Knative Serving - Zhimin Wen - Medium

TensorFlow 2.0 is now available! - TensorFlow - Medium

Stephanie Wehner Is Designing a Quantum Internet | Quanta Magazine

The New Features in Google’s Anthos Are about Operationalizing Kubernetes - The New Stack

How To Add Swap Space on CentOS 8 – devconnected

Creating a Kind Cluster With Calico Networking · alexbrand’s blog

aws-samples/kubernetes-for-java-developers: A Day in Java Developer’s Life, with a taste of Kubernetes

Testing Operator Upgrades via OLM on OpenShift 4.1 - Kiali - Medium

What Google’S Quantum Supremacy Claim Means For Quantum Computing IEEE Spectrum - IEEE Spectrum

3 ways to stop automation fear in government IT | The Enterprisers Project

Google faces scrutiny from Congress, DOJ over plans to encrypt DNS

Red Hat Announces CentOS Stream » Linux Magazine

5monkeys/monkey-release-action: GitHub Action to validate and create GitHub Releases from pull requests

Five Trends Shaping the Future of Container Security - eWEEK

New Ebook: The New Stack’s Quick Guide to Cloud Native Storage - The New Stack

Richard Stallman To Continue As Head Of The GNU Project - Phoronix

KubeVirt Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation – Red Hat OpenShift Blog

Testing the economics of the net neutrality debate

Quantum-Safe Cryptography: The Time to Prepare Is Now

From Hot To Not: A Timeline Of WeWork’s IPO Implosion

Introduction to Linux monitoring and alerting | Enable Sysadmin