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Commentary: Andy Jassy aims to reinvent Amazon Web Services for the cloud’s next generation — “In an exclusive one-on-one conversation, Amazon’s cloud chief reveals how he views the future of the cloud, the competition, market shifts, customer demands and controversies”

AWS Managed Cassandra Launches: First They Came for Kafka… — AWS is going to make millions but, they’ll give the community $100K… in AWS credits.

Amazon Braket: Get Started with Quantum Computing — I do agree with AWS on this, it will be a long time before quantum computing becomes as ubiquitous classical computation. A cloud solution is going to be needed to boost this technology into the future.

With Compute Optimizer, AWS Finds an Actual Use For AI/ML — AWS is doing something long needed and wanted by a lot of customers.

Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate Now Generally Available — More from re:Invent… I would like control planeless pods at this point. Charge me on resource limit reservations and usage. Have K8s deployment, will travel.

AWS Now Available from a Local Zone in Los Angeles — Not a region, not an availability zone. Local zones aim to put AWS resources closer to where users are and are managed under existing regions (LA is tied to us-west-2). Think of it as CDN for AWS services.

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