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Unit test kubernetes client in Go

10 DevOps trends to watch in 2020 | The Enterprisers Project

‘No BS’ web host Gandi lives up to half of its motto… Some customer data wiped out in storage server meltdown • The Register

2020 Red Hat Women in Open Source Award Nominations Now Open

How We Prevented App Performance Degradation From Sudden Ride Demand Spikes

A medley of performance-related BPF patches [LWN.net]

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019 Conference Transparency Report: The Biggest KubeCon + CloudNativeCon to Date - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The city of Las Vegas announced it has suffered a cyber attackSecurity Affairs

CES 2020 News: Tech Executives Answer Tough Questions About Privacy - IEEE Spectrum

From 15,000 database connections to under 100: DigitalOcean’s tale of tech debt

Your System is Deeper Than You Think | LightStep Blog

DevOps FOMO - Chris Corriere - Medium

Outcome Over Output: Also Impact and Effort - Kent Beck - Medium

Getting Serious About Open Source Security - Better Programming - Medium

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Why the Air Force put Kubernetes in an F-16 – GCN

DevOps through container registry - JAXenter

7 questions sysadmins should ask a potential employer before taking a job | Enable Sysadmin

The Six Million Dollar Scam: London cops probe Travelex cyber-ransacking amid reports of £m ransomware demand, wide-open VPN server holes • The Register

Gregory Szorc’s Digital Home | Problems with Pull Requests and How to Fix Them

Falco Incubation Proposal by mfdii · Pull Request #307 · cncf/toc

The case for open innovation

Huawei’s Linux Distribution openEuler is Available Now!

PGP keys, software security, and much more threatened by new SHA1 exploit | Ars Technica

Knative’s Independent Future Outside a Foundation - The New Stack

Opening up the Baseboard Management Controller - ACM Queue

Testing of CSI drivers - Kubernetes

What Do Customers Want From The Kubernetes Ecosystem In 2020

Assessing the Future of Kata Containers - Container Journal

Chris’s Wiki :: blog/linux/EBPFStillInProgress

Kubernetes Security Considerations

Research in 2020: stuff I am thinking about – James Governor’s Monkchips

The Other Way To Bring Arm CPUs To Servers

Check Out Podman, Red Hat’s daemon-less Docker Alternative - The New Stack

Amazon KMS: Intro

Security advantages of pull-based CD pipelines : kubernetes

Should we be working less in winter?

Kubernetes, Multicloud, and Low-Code Data Science: 2020’s Hottest Data Trends | Transforming Data with Intelligence

A Hyperconvergence Progress Report: Has Kubernetes Stolen the Show? | Data Center Knowledge

These five tech trends will dominate 2020 | ZDNet

Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends of 2020

Playing around with Gatekeeper V3 in K8S - Marcus Young

Operation Cloud Hopper

Big Game Ransomware being delivered to organisations via Pulse Secure VPN

5 Kubernetes trends to watch in 2020 | The Enterprisers Project

No Job Is Too Small for Compact Geostationary Satellites - IEEE Spectrum

On developers’ productivity

Dell’s Upcoming XPS 13 Linux Laptop Includes A Highly Requested New Feature

CrowdStrike’s CEO on how to IPO, direct listings and what’s ahead for SaaS startups | TechCrunch

Lessons from Six Years as a Solo Consultant | Embedded Use

Book Review: “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson | Embedded Use

Bruce Perens quits Open Source Initiative amid row over new data-sharing crypto license: ‘We’ve gone the wrong way with licensing’ • The Register

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The Schism at the Heart of the Open-Source Movement (The Atlantic) [LWN.net]

Beware SAFe (the Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise), an Unholy Incarnation of Darkness


OSS Unboxing: Revisiting Gatekeeper - Policy Controller for Kubernetes - YouTube

The Avalanche Hour Podcast

ICE Contract With GitHub Sparks Developer Protests - The Atlantic

pingcap/chaos-mesh: A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes

Oracle copied Amazon’s API—was that copyright infringement? | Ars Technica

Finding the right reporter to cover your startup | TechCrunch

Introducing Bonsai – Zen and the Art of GNOME

Managing my dotfiles as a git repository | Drew DeVault’s Blog

The await/async concurrency pattern in Golang · madeddu.xyz

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World Oil Transit Chokepoints - International - Analysis - U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

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