On my last trip of 2019, I took a very important walk with a friend. We talked extensively about burnout and recognizing ways to recover and mitigate the stress of our lives. I left the conversation in a much more peaceful place having just talked about. But, I’m not sure my friend did. The other day they sent me a Shonda Rhimes TED Talk that reminded them about my pledge a couple of years ago to say yes to everything I could. This pledge elevated me in some ways but, it had a very high cost in others. Clearly, this wasn’t an exercise in achieving balance. But, the video really drove home the importance of the “Why?” behind what we’re saying, “Yes” to. If we’re constantly working (on the weekend like usual), what good is the time we have on this earth? You created value but, did you value what you created? Figure out your why and strive to achieve balance.


Hacking With The Homies Developers Conference Ticket
Detroit, MI
Feb 29, 2020
This is the first Software Developer Conference with a 100% focus on Black and Brown software developers. All sessions will be led by developers and will contain an actual code walk-thru. All presenters have a 3 slide limit and everything else has to be code. We have a Happy Hour after the conference where you can network and mingle with other developers. The profits from the conference will go to funding Detroit Black Tech initiatives and events.

March 5-8, 2020
SCaLE 18x – the 18th annual Southern California Linux Expo – will take place in March 5-8, 2020, at the Pasadena Convention Center. SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. It is held annually in the greater Los Angeles area. SCaLE 18X expects to host 120 exhibitors this year, along with over 200 sessions, tutorials and special events. From kernels to containers, beginner installs to advanced security, HAMs to clouds, there is something for you at SCALE 18X.

DevOpsDay LA
March 6, 2020
DevOpsDay LA is a technical conference covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them.


Goldman won’t take companies without ‘at least one diverse board member’ — Diversity is now a mandatory factor for Goldman Sachs investments.

7 top DevOps engineer interview questions for 2020 — “Passionate, qualified DevOps engineers are hard to come by. Use these DevOps engineer interview questions to zero in on your best candidates”

How to Nail the Q&A After Your Presentation — It helps when people ask actual questions.

Leading openly with anxiety — My anxiety ravages me daily. Sometimes knowing you’re not alone is helpful.


How to Compete With AWS — “[J]ust as the sun rises and sets, empires rise and fall.”

ITHAKA’s Tom Bellinson Outlines The Blameless Postmortem — Systems thinking takes significant practice, indeed.

Managing the Hidden Costs of Coordination by Laura M.D. Maguire — “Poor design renders ChatOps nearly useless as a tool for sensemaking as people come into an evolving and increasingly pressured situation.” 🔥🔥🔥 Grabs ChatOps book off the shelf, lights it on fire, throws it in the snow. 🔥🔥🔥❄️❄️💨

Above the Line, Below the Line by Richard I. Cook, M.D. — “People working above the line of representation continuously build and refresh their models of what lies below the line. That activity is critical to the resilience of Internet-facing systems and the principal source of adaptive capacity.”

DevOps culture: 5 questions to ask about yours — “Is your team is creating a DevOps culture that can last – or one that is destined for failure? These questions can be illuminating”

Upcycle Windows 7 — A plea to Microsoft to open source Windows 7 in an effort to give it a second life.

How a GCP Persistent Disk Incident Snowballed into a 23-Hour Outage – and Taught Us Some Important Lessons

Microsoft exposes 250M customer service records via misconfigured Elasticsearch database — Services like ElasticSearch remind us that we have a lot of bad practices out there. I would propose a Let’s Encrypt like service for developers to incorporate into their code that would log and alert that it was publicly accessible to the internet.

IBM surprises with revenue growth and offers bullish 2020 outlook — Get, that, dirt off your shoulder.

10 DevOps Trends to Watch in 2020 • DevOps Institute — They had me until AIOps.

AWS files motion to stop work on Pentagon’s JEDI cloud computing contract — AWS trying to master the Force again.

A broken computer system costs F-35 maintainers 45k hours a year — The aircraft manufacturing world needs a Pheonix Project moment.

There were several funding rounds this week in the cloud native space. Congrats to all!


How to build and deploy a containerized app to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) — My buddy, Jay Gordon doing what he does incredibly well. Jay shows off “how to build a containerized React application and deploy it to production with Azure Kubernetes Service.”

Big list of http static server one-liners

The Long Goodbye of Wi-Fi Has Begun — WiFi soon to be in the dust bin of history.

ManagedKube/kubernetes-ops — Running Kubernetes in production

aca/go-kubectx — 5x-10x faster alternative to kubectx. Uses client-go.


kubenav/kubenav: kubenav is the navigator for your Kubernetes clusters right in your pocket.

microsoft/ApplicationInspector — A source code analyzer built for surfacing features of interest and other characteristics to answer the question ‘what’s in it’ using static analysis with a json based rules engine. Ideal for scanning components before use or detecting feature level changes.

mimecast/dtail — DTail is a distributed DevOps tool for tailing, grepping, catting logs and other text files on many remote machines at once.

octarinesec/kube-scan — Octarine k8s cluster risk assessment tool

sighupio/permission-manager — Permission Manager is a project that brings sanity to Kubernetes RBAC and Users management, Web UI FTW

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week