February 2020 Michigan Tech Events — If you’re in Michigan this month, check out one of these awesome tech events while you’re here. Also, the Orchestructure meetup is the last Wednesday of the month and is always filled with Kubernetes nerds.

March 5-8, 2020
SCaLE 18x – the 18th annual Southern California Linux Expo – will take place in March 5-8, 2020, at the Pasadena Convention Center. SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. It is held annually in the greater Los Angeles area. SCaLE 18X expects to host 120 exhibitors this year, along with over 200 sessions, tutorials and special events. From kernels to containers, beginner installs to advanced security, HAMs to clouds, there is something for you at SCALE 18X.

DevOpsDay LA
March 6, 2020
DevOpsDay LA is a technical conference covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them.

Kubernetes Contributor Summit Europe — Come learn some Kubernetes with me from some of the best people on earth to teach it. Also, get real work done in the community with folks right there in the room with you!

A few days can make a lasting impact.
I’m speaking at the O’Reilly Infrastructure & Ops Conference this year. But, did you know O’Reilly has a series of conferences geared towards every DevOps’ish reader? Did you know you can speak at these conferences too? Have a look and see what might interest you. SPONSORED


The Plucky Astromech Droid - A Star Wars DevRel Story — My buddy, Jay Gordon, is a Senior Cloud Ops Advocate for Microsoft. He’s written a piece about where he fits into the greater universe.

GitLab can proclaim diversity all it likes, but it seems to have a real problem keeping women on staff or in management — I had heard a rumor a while back that gave me pause about GitLab. Turns out, it might not have been a rumor at all.

RSA Improves Keynote Diversity — A lack of diversity is inexcusable these days.

Software is about people, not code — “At the end of the day, code is a general purpose tool, just like accounting or research and development. Code must solve real world problems of real people.”

Preparing for the CKA exam: Tips & Resources


Buffer overflow when pwfeedback is set in sudoers — Eeek! sudo vulns are never pleasant.

cdpwn - Millions of devices at risk due to flaws in implementations of Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) — Back in my day, the first thing we did when configuring a Cisco device was turning off CDP.

Knative 2019 Annual Report (PDF) — Some interesting information in the Knative 2019 Annual Report: Contributions from 43 countries, 20% of committers identify as female, and contributions from “~29” companies.

End-of-life announcement for CoreOS Container Linux — End of an era.

VMware Licensing Hike ‘Severely Unattractive’: Partners — “Effective April 2, VMware will increase its CPU licensing pricing model for customers who have more than 32 cores.” That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Dependencies and maintainers — “Quit treating open-source projects like a black box that conveniently solves your problem. Engage with the human beings who work on it, participate in the community, and make it healthy and sustainable. You shouldn’t be surprised when the 3 AM alarm goes off if the most you see of a project is a line in your package.json.” 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Here Is a Link to the Shadow Inc. App that Blew Up the Iowa Caucus — The app making all the wrong kind of headlines this week.

Eight reasons why enterprises move workloads from public cloud back on-premises — Some folks can’t handle the cloud. Other times, the cloud can’t meet some folks’ requirements.

3 problems DevOps won’t fix — “DevOps offers plenty of efficiencies, but it’s no guarantee of business success. Here are three common challenges that require more than just a solid DevOps strategy”


Open Source-based Cloud Observability — Do you prefer using open source tools like ELK and Grafana for observability? Do you wish the tools could be just a little bit easier to use together at scale?’s cloud observability platform provides a high-powered ELK and Grafana as an integrated, fully managed service, so you can simplify monitoring, troubleshooting and security for your production environment with the open source tools you love, at the scale you need. Learn more here! SPONSORED

O’Reilly: Kubernetes Operators: Automating the Container Orchestration Platform — FREE eBook!!! my fellow Red Hatters, Jason Dobies and Joshua Wood, worked really hard to write this book about Kubernetes Operators. Page fifty-six (56) is where the coverage of my favorite Kubernetes Operators starts: Ansible Operators.

Continuous Profiling Go applications running in Kubernetes — “TLDR: Profefe is a registry for pprof profiles. You can push them embedding an SDK in your application or you can write a collector (cronjob) that gets profiles and push the tar via the Profefe API.”

Konveyor: Open Source, Migration Assistance for Kubernetes — “Konveyor is a set of tools and services that can be used to discover, assess, and migrate existing application to kubernetes. It automates discovery of applications, provides rules based insights for how those applications can be brought to kubernetes, and provides tools for automating the migration.”

Apollo 11 vs USB-C Chargers — Our USB-C chargers generally have more computing power than the Apollo 11 moon mission. This includes all four parts of the spacecraft.

Cloudburst: stateful functions-as-a-service — “Cloudburst has four key components: function executors, caches, function schedulers, and a resource management system. These are underpinned by Anna, a highly scalable KVS also out of the RiseLab, that supports a variety of coordination-free consistency models using lattice composition.”

Kotlin overtakes Scala and Clojure, to become the 2nd most popular language on the JVM — Java is alive and well.

Git takes baby steps towards swapping out vulnerable SHA-1 hashing algo for SHA-256 — This has been a significant challenge.

Internals of Google Cloud Spanner — Timing is everything.

xridge/kubestone — Performance benchmarks for Kubernetes

dalance/procs — A modern replacement for ps written in Rust

smicallef/spiderfoot — SpiderFoot, the most complete OSINT collection and reconnaissance tool.

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