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March 5-8, 2020
SCaLE 18x – the 18th annual Southern California Linux Expo – will take place in March 5-8, 2020, at the Pasadena Convention Center. SCaLE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. It is held annually in the greater Los Angeles area. SCaLE 18X expects to host 120 exhibitors this year, along with over 200 sessions, tutorials and special events. From kernels to containers, beginner installs to advanced security, HAMs to clouds, there is something for you at SCALE 18X.

DevOpsDay LA
March 6, 2020
DevOpsDay LA is a technical conference covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them.

Kubernetes Contributor Summit Europe — Come learn some Kubernetes with me from some of the best people on earth to teach it. Also, get real work done in the community with folks right there in the room with you!

A few days can make a lasting impact.
I’m speaking at the O’Reilly Infrastructure & Ops Conference this year. But, did you know O’Reilly has a series of conferences geared towards every DevOps’ish reader? Did you know you can speak at these conferences too? Have a look and see what might interest you. SPONSORED


Open Source-based Cloud Observability
If you are like many of your friends in DevOps, you might prefer using open source solutions. Logz.io’s cloud observability platform is designed to help deliver the open source experience you love, at the scale you need. Log management and Cloud SIEM based on ELK, and Infrastructure monitoring based on Grafana. All on one unified platform to help you correlate quickly between logs and metrics. Sign up for a free trial today and receive a Logz.io t-shirt! SPONSORED

Monitor Your Docker Containers More Effectively
See across all of your Docker containers, servers, apps, and services in one place with Datadog’s custom dashboards, distributed tracing, and 400+ vendor-backed integrations. Start your free trial today, create one dashboard, and receive a free Datadog t-shirt. SPONSORED

We’re Building a Rich Ecosystem of Certified HAProxy Integrations - HAProxy Technologies

Go 1.14 is released - The Go Blog

AuditD: What is the Linux Auditing System? • Capsule8

Cloudflare’s Gen X: Servers for an Accelerated Future

What is backporting, and how does it apply to RHEL and other Red Hat products?

‘Trust nothing’: As breaches mount, a radical approach to cybersecurity gains favor - SiliconANGLE

Video game accessibility aided by consultants who say it’s not about compromising game design - The Washington Post

Raspberry Pi 4 Linux computer gets twice the RAM and USB-C power fix

Three principles for guiding your development career – Letters To A New Developer

Logging FOMO is real and it hurts. Here’s how to overcome it  - Rookout

Dropbox’s Reverse Migration, Out of AWS, Five Years On | Data Center Knowledge

Minicomputers and The Soul of a New Machine | Opensource.com

8 Ways To Stay Motivated At Work: Software Engineers - Software Engineer Lifestyle

Bring your ideas to the world with kubectl plugins - Kubernetes

SQL Dump from popular Indian BGR tech site leaked onlineSecurity Affairs

Gen X Performance Tuning

IBM Survey: Only 38% of State and Local Government Employees Trained on Ransomware Prevention - Feb 27, 2020

Qantas CIO takes flight to Boeing - Strategy - iTnews

Don’t Do Agile and DevOps by the Book - DevOps.com

‘Cloud Snooper’ Attack Circumvents AWS Firewall …

Kubernetes key as AVM Cloud advances in Malaysia - Channel Asia

Lessons Learned from Running Debezium with PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS

Impedance matching for BPF and LSM [LWN.net]

Clearview AI, Facial Recognition Company That Works With Law Enforcement, Says Entire Client List Was Stolen

Chris Short (Main.OSI Board of Directors.Board Member Elections.2020 Individual and Affiliate Elections.Short2020) - XWiki

How Python Became the Popular Choice

Linux eBPF monitoring with Netdata :: Netdata Blog

Python in Production · Homepage of Hynek Schlawack

OpenSMTPD/OpenSMTPD: This is official OpenSMTPD Portable repository. Forks, pull requests and other contributions are welcome!

​Google Cloud axes Stackdriver brand in suite upgrade - ARN

An Introduction to Serverless with Knative - JAXenter

Kazuhisa Hashimoto, creator of the famous ‘Konami Code,’ has died - The Washington Post

Tweet / Twitter

Flaw in billions of Wi-Fi devices left communications open to eavesdropping | Ars Technica

Internal Docs Show Why the U.S. Military Publishes North Korean and Russian Malware - VICE

Speed up Maven builds in Tekton Pipelines - Red Hat Developer

Open Source Initiative Board of Directors 2020 - chrisshort.net

Airgap Working Group Meeting Time and Cadence Polls

2020 State of Multicloud

Enterprise Kubernetes with OpenShift (Part one) – Red Hat OpenShift Blog

The key points of Working Effectively with Legacy Code — Understand Legacy Code

Oracle is funding dark money group Internet Accountability Project to fight big tech | South China Morning Post

Firefox, you know you tapped Cloudflare for DNS-over-HTTPS? In January, it briefly knackered two root servers at the heart of the internet • The Register

Ex-Microsoft engineer convicted of 18 felonies after stealing $10M in digital currency – GeekWire

How to Optimize I/O Intensive Containers on Kubernetes - NeuVector


A Generic Sidecar Injector for Kubernetes - Salesforce Engineering

Build a Network — Even When You Don’t Think You Need One

Investigation reveals thousands of IT certifications are fake - DevOps Online

‘You need to stay ahead of trends – without bringing the risk of tech hype to clients’

Ben Johnson on Twitter: “Every time I hear someone say they need five 9’s of uptime, I think of GitHub. Everybody relies on them, they have maybe 99.9% uptime, and they got bought for $7.5B by Microsoft. Unless you’re making pacemakers, ease up on your crazy uptime requirements.” / Twitter

JFrog DevOps Platform for One-Stop DevOps | JFrog

Mirantis will continue to support and develop Docker Swarm | Mirantis

Thoughts On Cloud Compatibility | Shaun Verch (sverch)

Katherine Johnson | NASA

Docker Images : Part II - Details Specific To Different Languages

Socratic vs. Euclidean Forms of API Documentation - High Scalability -

Katherine Johnson, NASA Mathematician Featured in ‘Hidden Figures,’ Dies at 101 - The New York Times

Proposing a new phase for the hype cycle: The morass of malfunction

Creating Self Signed Certificates on Kubernetes

Apple drops a bomb on long-life HTTPS certificates: Safari to snub new security certs valid for more than 13 months • The Register

Massive DoD DevSecOps standards push may aid enterprise IT