Every week I comb through 1000s of articles that get curated down to somewhere between 60 to 100 URLs eligible for DevOps'ish. Those URLs land in this notes file that ends up being source material for the newsletter. Being in that group of links is an achievement of its own and should be lauded.

It's a shame when I have to choose between having too many links or someone's special thing getting featured in the newsletter. Here's another chance to shine!

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The following links and/or notes accompany the corresponding issue of DevOps'ish.


Ask an OpenShift Admin (Ep 20): VMs in Kubernetes? - YouTube

Add these 4 tools to your Linux container toolbox | Enable Sysadmin

Anais Urlichs - YouTube

DevOps and agile for all: Technology professionals need to lead the way in the post-Covid era ahead | ZDNet

How to Read Assembly Language - Scott Wolchok

How to poison the data that Big Tech uses to surveil you | MIT Technology Review

Evolution of kube - probes

White House signals coming antitrust push with Tim Wu appointment | Ars Technica

How a Brilliant Platform Engineer Saved Twilio From ‘Absolute Disaster’

CDC says mask mandates reduce deaths after Texas, Mississippi lift rules - The Washington Post

NFTs, explained: what they are, and why they’re suddenly worth millions - The Verge

Klustered (Part III) | Rawkode Live - YouTube

Things your manager might not know

Google’s FLoC Is a Terrible Idea | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Oxide Computer Company: Compensation as a Reflection of Values

Scholarships | Linux Foundation Events

Hong Kong teases tech to track residents as they move past QR codes • The Register

More than half of women in infosec are treated unequally to male colleagues due to ‘blatant sexism’ in the workplace – report | The Daily Swig

Object Storage as a Service with MinIO’s Operator and Kubernetes

High severity Linux network security holes found, fixed | ZDNet

Using Apple Silicon (M1) as a cloud engineer, two months in

Inclusive Naming Initiative

Recent Outages: Why We Accelerated Registry Changes

Suspicious finds: Researcher discovers Go typosquatting package that relays system information to Chinese tech firm | The Daily Swig

(15) Shaun McCance on Twitter: “This is your semi-annual reminder that most of the US starts DST on March 14, most of Europe starts DST on March 28, and Australia ends DST on April 4. So you should just go ahead and cancel all your meetings now.” / Twitter

Relaunching Kubernetes Community Days with KCD Africa, Bengaluru | Cloud Native Computing Foundation