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It's a shame when I have to choose between having too many links or someone's special thing getting featured in the newsletter. Here's another chance to shine!

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IBM bets homomorphic encryption is ready to deliver stronger data security for early adopters | VentureBeat

Top AWS executive Teresa Carlson joins Splunk as president and chief growth officer - SiliconANGLE

Red Hat statement on U.S. Supreme Court decision in Google v. Oracle

18-956 Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc. (04/05/2021)

Kubernetes 1.21 Brings a New Memory Manager, More Flexible Scheduling – The New Stack

No fooling: Microsoft cloud outage takes Azure, Teams and Office 365 offline - SiliconANGLE

A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics - The New York Times

Signal Adds Cryptocurrency Support - Schneier on Security

Companies Should Do More to Normalize Career Breaks

Azure status history | Microsoft Azure

LinkedIn Phishing Ramps Up With More-Targeted Attacks

DevOps and Kubernetes: A Perfect Match? - Container Journal

Asian hate doesn’t stop in the tech industry - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

Overcome the DevOps Talent Gap with Environments as a Service

Kubernetes Supports Nine Pillars of SRE - Container Journal

Russia Is Escalating Its Campaign to Control the Internet | Time

community/meet-our-contributors.md at master · kubernetes/community

After Overwatch League’s ‘Fearless’ revealed racist incidents, esports reckons with harassment of Asians - The Washington Post

Governing Values-Centered Tech Non-Profits; or, The Route Not Taken by FSF – Luis Villa: Open Tech and Policy

The Opportunities—and Obstacles—for Women at NSA and Cyber Command | WIRED