A migraine is taking me down hard this weekend. Here’s hoping it goes away soon. See you all at KubeCon next week. GitOps Con on Monday. [OpenShift Commons Gathering (also live streamed)](https://commons.openshift.org/gatherings/OpenShift_Commons_Gathering_at_Kubecon_EU.html) on Tuesdays. OpenShift.tv KubeCon EU Office Hours on Wednesday through Friday.


How to bust 5 creativity myths with your team
“Try these exercises to dispel common misconceptions and infuse more creativity into your day-to-day work– and your team’s.” It helps to span your idea of creativity. There are truly creative works and creative ways to get work done.

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The Fear Black Employees Carry
“The voices of racism and white supremacy are louder than ever, and Black employees — and customers, suppliers, and investors — are living with a primal, existential fear. It’s not hard to understand why: Those who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6 included middle-class, middle-aged accountants, doctors, lawyers, shop owners, and even CEOs, from blue states and red states. People have learned that racists are all around them — in their extended families, their neighborhoods, and even among their colleagues. CEOs and other leaders must recognize this problem and address it competently, because ignoring it is not only morally wrong, it’s also bad for business. The author recommends five actions: 1) Commit to listening; 2) Take meaningful action; 3) Reckon with the past, and change the future; 4) Dig deeply to understand your company’s discriminatory practices; and 5) Back up your ideals with real money.”

Lambda School Reaches Settlement with DFPI, Agreeing to End Deceptive Educational Financing Practices
“As part of the settlement Lambda will (1) notify students that the bankruptcy dischargeability provision language is not accurate; (2) retain a third party to review the terms of the school’s finance contract to ensure that it complies with all applicable laws; and (3) undergo a review of its marketing materials to ensure that the information is accurate and not likely to mislead consumers. The settlement is the result of a DFPI investigation that found that Lambda was engaged in conduct that violated the new law.” Remember, under promise, over deliver; not the other way around.

A third of Basecamp’s workers resign after a ban on talking politics.
Showing your privilege blows your whole shit up and doubling down on it again and again lands you in the New York Times for all the wrong reasons. This could have all been avoided by asking three outsiders what it’d do to their 57 person company. Well, they’ll attract what these polices breed. Basecamp isn’t a place I’d recommend folks work after the utter shenanigans this week. It wasn’t really before but, now it definitely isn’t.

Manager Tools and Resources by Wherewithall
“Wishing you could congratulate the new manager in your life while also giving them some more support in their new role? Meet our New Manager Toolkit and New Manager Care Package. These tools will help equip them in their transition to management, and include a side of well deserved celebration, all curated by Wherewithall coaches.

Wherewithall has been supporting leaders and managers around the world for years and we’ve learned that real tools—deployed in the first 30 days—enormously help managers as they navigate their new roles.

So let us help you help that new manager.”


Microsoft acquires Kinvolk to accelerate container-optimized innovation
So Microsoft has two or three active Linux distros when this deal closes? I’m starting to lose count (and that’s wild as hell to ask).

Learn what LaunchDarkly can do for your organization.
LaunchDarkly enables companies like Square, Hulu, Atlassian, Toyota, Intuit, IBM, and others gain a competitive edge with better feature management. Move fast without breaking things and learn how your team can reap the rewards of CI/CD without the risk. Ship Fast. Rest Easy. LaunchDarkly. SPONSORED

Kubernetes Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG)
Kubernetes STIG for the STIG Gods.

How we ship code faster and safer with feature flags
“At GitHub, we’re continually working to improve existing features and shipping new ones all the time. From our launch of GitHub Discussions to the release of manual approvals for GitHub Actions—in order to ship new features and improvements faster while lowering the risk in our deployments, we have a simple but powerful tool: feature flags.”

Click Studios asks customers to stop tweeting about its Passwordstate data breach
Well this Click Studios story is going in here just on principle. If your security is so lax that you feel that the advisory is inside the wire still and silencing folks is the way to fix it, you’ve got bigger problems.

Chipmaker says it will ramp up production of older 28nm chips
The global chip makers might be well served to start a new joint partnership to spread the workload to meet demand better.

SRE at Google: Our complete list of CRE life lessons
Some nice little nuggets in here. But, always remember, you’re not Google.

OKRs v KPIs - How they really work together
“TL;DR - There is a natural overlap between key results and key performance indicators. A metric can move in either direction depending on the focus of the business and the state of the metric.”


Delivering GitOps with Argo CD
“Argo graduated to an incubated project for CNCF last year to respond to keep up with the needs for application developers. See how the project has evolved, the challenges it addresses, and what’s next for Argo CD.”

Learnk8s is running 2 and 4 days Kubernetes courses on the 20th of May. If you want to understand the inner workings of Kubernetes & how to apply it in practice then this course is for you. The course is beginner-friendly and hands-on. Register now! SPONSORED

Apple patches Gatekeeper bypass bug abused by malware gang
The backdoor was left open. Update your Macs ASAP.

Fedora Linux 34 is officially here!
I like this release already.

100 Days Of Kubernetes
Finally! An official website cataloging all these. Awesome!!

Exploiting and detecting CVE-2021-25735: Kubernetes admission bypass
“As we have seen, the vulnerability has a low attack complexity and a high impact in terms of integrity and confidentiality.” Also congrats to Sysdig on their latest funding round.

GitHub Polls
“GH polls is a quick and effective way to request feedback from community members in GitHub issues.”

Goodbye Dependabot Preview, hello Dependabot!
“Dependabot Preview has helped more than 30,000 organizations keep their packages updated with more than seven million pull requests merged since it launched. As a result of that success, the Dependabot team joined GitHub in May 2019 and started building an updated version of Dependabot directly into GitHub. Now, we’re taking the next step, migrating customers from Dependabot Preview and onto the GitHub-native Dependabot.”

A brief overview of the Container Network Interface (CNI) in Kubernetes
“Understand where the CNI fits into the Kubernetes architecture.”

OSI Model
A lot of people have been talking this up lately so I updated it a little for modern times.

Wildcard DNS for any IP Address

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