Every week I comb through 1000s of articles that get curated down to somewhere between 60 to 100 URLs eligible for DevOps'ish. Those URLs land in this notes file that ends up being source material for the newsletter. Being in that group of links is an achievement of its own and should be lauded.

It's a shame when I have to choose between having too many links or someone's special thing getting featured in the newsletter. Here's another chance to shine!

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The following links and/or notes accompany the corresponding issue of DevOps'ish.


Tiananmen Square Tank Man vanishes from Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, other search engines – even in America • The Register

SCHMAUSTECH: Migrating From OpenShiftSDN to OVNKubernetes

The need for slimmer containers

Cloudera to go private in $5.3B deal | VentureBeat

FBI says an APT breached a US municipal government via an unpatched Fortinet VPN | The Record by Recorded Future

OpSec Says DMCA Notice System Was “Spoofed” To Target Ubuntu Download * TorrentFreak

If you’re an Alexa household

The long wondrous life of a Tailscale packet · Tailscale

Developer relations – Marco.org

Monitoring Velero Backup and Restore with BotKube

Apple employees push back against returning to the office in internal letter - The Verge

Part 2: A Simple Continuous Cross-Language (Go, Rust, C/C++) Profiler written in eBPF | Pixie Labs Blog

FireEye sold to McAfee’s new owners for $1.2bn as Mandiant split into standalone firm again • The Register

Amazon devices to share WiFi automatically unless users opt out - SiliconANGLE

hasheddan/k8scr: Kubernetes Container Registry

Updates to our policies regarding exploits, malware, and vulnerability research | The GitHub Blog

Hard work and poor pay stresses out open-source maintainers | ZDNet

Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack: Hackers Used Compromised Password - Bloomberg

My Magical Adventure With cloud-init - Christine Dodrill

Pride 2021: We’ve come a long way, baby… but we’re not there yet.

Ask an OpenShift Admin Office Hour - Alertmanager configuration and customization

How the Biden Administration’s cybersecurity order will affect companies | Rapid7 Blog


Austin Is Biggest Winner From Tech Migration, LinkedIn Data Show - Bloomberg

Kali Linux 2021.2 Release (Kaboxer, Kali-Tweaks, Bleeding-Edge & Privileged Ports) | Kali Linux Blog

observatorium/operator: Operator deploying the Observatorium project

tpope/vim-dispatch: dispatch.vim: Asynchronous build and test dispatcher

Justice Department Announces Court-Authorized Seizure of Domain Names Used in Furtherance of Spear-Phishing Campaign Posing as U.S. Agency for International Development | OPA | Department of Justice

eBPF seccomp() filters [LWN.net]

The (new) Developer Advocacy Handbook is live! | Christian Heilmann

For companies stuck on transformation, cloud may be the answer | CIO Dive

The SolarWinds hackers aren’t back—they never went away | Ars Technica

How a largely untested AI crept into hundreds of hospitals