In vacation mode this week. News reading played second fiddle to having fun.


AWS pricing problems could deter new cloud engineers
I was quoted in this piece. I take the same opinion that the AWS Free Tier is indeed user hostile. Not because it’s limited in weird ways but, because new users could be billed thousands and before they know it, it’s too late.

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Upwards of 40% of workers are thinking about quitting their jobs
I don’t blame anyone for pursuing jobs that fit better to their lifestyle. I also realize a 40% is a tectonic shift in the workforce. If this holds true, we’re all going to be impacted in some way.

Southwest Airlines cancels 500 flights after computer glitch grounds fleet
Southwest had a rough week.

Petition To Not Allow Jeff Bezos Re-Entry To Earth
I expect thorough coverage of this in Last Week in AWS. But, 17,000+ people are on board with this.

The iPhone 12 Mini Makes Me Sick (Literally)
How a screen lights itself can cause major problems for some people.


(Technical) Infosec Core Competencies
“#50 Nothing, absolutely nothing about cryptocurrencies. “Crypto” means “cryptography”. That’s all you need to know.” I can get behind this list. If you know all this, I hope security people in your org know who you are.

AWS IAM in a layman’s terms. IAM policy setup to give development team maximal velocity and autonomy
Learn about leveraging the right type of AWS IAM policy mechanisms to build the responsibility separation between the “central” team and the individual “development” team. SPONSORED

Google Wants To See Rust Code In The Linux Kernel, Contracts The Main Developer
“Google is going public today with their formal support for Rust in the Linux kernel to enhance memory safety and that they have contracted developer Miguel Ojeda to further his work on Rust for the Linux kernel and related security efforts. This contract is going through at least the next year.”

Hacker community jumps on hilarious Twitter meme mocking bad infosec advice from CISOs
Rub some WAF on it and walk it off.

How to Handle Secrets on the Command Line
“The command line really wasn’t designed for secrets. So, keeping secrets secret on the command line requires some extra care and effort…”


Bye bye Travis CI
Damn… Even curl can’t use Travis CI anymore. How the mighty have fallen indeed.

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OpenSSL 3.0 Release Candidate Arrives With Big Changes
“OpenSSL 3.0 has migrated to a provider-based architecture for allowing greater flexibility. fully “pluggable” TLSv1.3 groups, new encoder and decoder support, a complete Certificate Management Protocol (CMP) implementation, new APIs, and integrated support for kernel TLS are among the many big changes coming with OpenSSL 3.0.”

Rust is not a Company
“There are many things for which we should have space, but currently don’t have space for. But if we keep trying. If we keep making small improvements. Keep adapting. Keep looking out for those around us who want to contribute too; how we can empower them, and each other. Then every step will be one in the right direction, making Rust and all of the many people who work on it, and with it, thrive.”

Thousands of Vulnerable VMWare vCenter Servers Still Publicly Exposed (CVE-2021-21985, CVE-2021-21986)
Using Shodan to Pwn vCenter… Why are these internet accessible?!? Seriously.

Google’s unified Gmail interface (and Google Chat) launches for everyone
It’s awful and I want nothing to do with it.

Git for Computer Scientists
A nerdy, useful guide.

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet 2021
“This is the ultimate guide to Linux Command Cheat Sheet in 2021.” I mean… It’s pretty good.

A DNA-based storage system with files and metadata
This could be game changing technology.

A collection of modern/faster/saner alternatives to common unix commands.

Yet another remote desktop software

Streaming replication for SQLite.

🦥 Easy and simple Prometheus SLO (service level objectives) generator

DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week

Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫 @kefimochi: “You’re not a machine. You can’t be 110% productive at all times, and that’s okay.”

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