Editor’s note: Times are hard for a lot of folks right now. Take your time. Your emotions are valid. Process them. Managers should give their people some grace over the coming days. Reader’s in pain, I am with you.

This week has been a week of milestones. 1) My daughter turned 21. Yes, I feel old. 2) Julie and I are celebrating ten years of marriage this weekend in Traverse City, Michigan.

On #1, Aubree has been in my life for more than half of it now. In the late 00s, I said one day, “Being a father helps me be a better leader. Being a leader helps me be a better father.” During one busy summer, I had 50 people working for me at one point. Managing that many direct reports isn’t something you do easily. My trick was to manage the natural groups of friends that formed. But still, maintain team cohesion. At the same time, I was playing the role of a single father to a Kindergartner. A lot of the skills I was teaching at work were helpful at home and vice versa. I had to deliver presentations to senior leaders. This was very normal for the work I did.

Aubree was asked to do a short presentation on a famous person (past or present) and why she liked this person for one assignment. Aubree picked Abraham Lincoln because he ended slavery (this was my kindergartner). So she had what she was going to say written down, and the expectation was for her to read it to the kids in class. It was a few sentences. She had some trouble reciting the words from the half-page of paper in her handwriting. So I typed it and printed it out to see if that helped. A little, but she didn’t sound confident. That’s when I realized she’s not a “from notes” presenter. She’s better at memorization right now. The typed-up piece of paper became a thing I carried around and would work with her at random intervals to help her memorize her talk. It took a couple of days, but she learned to deliver her speech with confidence from memory. When it was time, she nailed the presentation getting the highest grade in her class for that assignment. That’s just one of many memories over these 21 years that I haven’t forgotten.

On #2, Julie and I are each others’ most prolonged affairs of the heart. Driving up here to Traverse City, we were discussing how far we’d come, how we’ve instinctively aligned ourselves around roles and responsibilities that play to our strengths in our household. A recurring theme lately is, “How far we’ve come since 2010.” From me having to decide to restart my life. Julie deciding to leave her job with so many friends to take a role helping out Head Start families, to Julie’s job in Wake Forest, to building a house in Wake Forest, to us moving up here to Michigan, to the recent decision to join AWS… The list has many more details but all outcomes appear to have been worth the work.

We’ve made every decision as logically as possible. Have met every challenge head-on together. Given the obstacles, I think we’ve been successful. Since 2010, we’ve weighed the benefits and consequences of every significant decision in our lives and then taken action as a team. I remember walking our dog Sunny behind my apartment in Hope Mills, NC when we decided that I’d leave the public sector. I’d move in with Julie in North Raleigh and find a job in what I call the Palo Alto of the East Coast, The Research Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill), North Carolina. Then years later, that one boss at my last job in Raleigh encouraged me to start public speaking. This enabled me to make a splash at DevOpsDays Detroit 2016. That positioned us to move Max closer to his cousins in Michigan. Now we could take REAL vacations (not always going to Michigan)! Six months in a lousy job (for me) in downtown Detroit with frequent trips to speaking engagements and satellite offices turned into three successive great remote jobs.

Then COVID-19 hit. Our four family households made the conscious decision to create a bubble. Julie was setting data-driven parameters for not just our whole family but Max’s preschool too. Julie’s natural attention to detail has resulted in not just four households not getting COVID, but to an entire multi-age preschool not getting COVID. I’m relatively certain we wouldn’t have made it through COVID in North Carolina. Without anyone to play or socialize with as we could in Michigan, we would’ve ended up moving during COVID. Luckily we were well established in Michigan before the pandemic. In 2010, making that public/private sector pivot was a tough choice that in early 2011 felt like a mistake. But, with Julie’s confidence building skills, support, and love, everything is turning out alright. I commented yesterday that I’m a completely different person now than when we went out on our first date. Julie agreed. I wish I could write it all down. Maybe someday I will. Now, here we are, celebrating it all, in a place we fell in love with this summer, 4 hours from our house. I look at it and marvel at it all. I had a lot of other folks’ help, and for that, I’m truly thankful. But Julie has been there the whole time.

Long story Short, we’re in a good spot right now after years of hard work. There’s still more work to be done, and we’ll make it happen together.


Cassidy Williams
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DevOps’ish Tweet of the Week

Aeva 🖤 (@aevavoom) on Twitter) “Every time a PM says “resource” when they mean ‘person’, an angel dies.”

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