Every week I comb through 1000s of articles that get curated down to somewhere between 60 to 100 URLs eligible for DevOps'ish. Those URLs land in this notes file that ends up being source material for the newsletter. Being in that group of links is an achievement of its own and should be lauded.

It's a shame when I have to choose between having too many links or someone's special thing getting featured in the newsletter. Here's another chance to shine!

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The following links and/or notes accompany the corresponding issue of DevOps'ish.


Implementing zip archiving in Golang: unzipping | notes.eatonphil.com


In response to the moderation team resignation | Inside Rust Blog

Home - EKS Best Practices Guides

Bug introduced 6 months ago knocked out Google’s GCLB • The Register


Researchers Detail Privilege Escalation Bugs Reported in Oracle VirtualBox

Niantic Receives $300 Million Investment From Coatue – Niantic


GoDaddy Breach Exposes SSL Keys of Managed WordPress Hosting Customers

Workers in Vietnam lived inside factories to keep Samsung’s products on shelves during the pandemic - Rest of World

Funding Open Source: The ‘funders’ perspective | Emily Omier

Announcing preview of Amazon Linux 2022

Cloud Engineering Summit 2021: Trailblazers: exploration, discovery, & navigating failure - YouTube

How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation | MIT Technology Review

Cloud native security threat: Kubernetes UI Tools Turn into a Weapon

Malware downloaded from PyPI 41,000 times was surprisingly stealthy | Ars Technica

DevLake - An open-source data-lake & dashboard for your dev tools | Product Hunt

Moderation Team Resignation : rust

20 Amazing GitHub Repositories Every Developer Should Follow | by Md Kamaruzzaman | Nov, 2021 | Towards Data Science

The Cloud Resume Challenge Book

Kubernetes Policy Checks on Custom Resources - YouTube

medusajs/medusa: The open-source Shopify alternative ⚡️


MitMaro/git-interactive-rebase-tool: Native cross-platform full feature terminal-based sequence editor for git interactive rebase.

Reliably allocating huge pages in Linux

IceWhaleTech/CasaOS: CasaOS - A simple, easy-to-use, elegant open-source Family Cloud system.

Announcing the Suborbital Compute public beta, our seed funding, and more!

GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting service breach exposed 1.2m user profiles | The Daily Swig

(37) Let’s catch-up with China within 6 months | LinkedIn

Vercel raises $150M Series D as it looks to build an end-to-end front-end development platform | TechCrunch

PHP Foundation formed to fund core developers • The Register

PHP: News Archive - 2021

Why GoDaddy Data Breach Of +1 Million Clients Is Worse Than Described