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Editor’s note: I cannot ignore the war being waged in Europe. But, this newsletter is a tech newsletter. Generally, the audience responds negatively to “political” news. But, one person’s politics, is another person’s life. All the Ukraine news is here in the notes. Don’t if you don’t want to see it. Skip it!


What happened to Russia’s Air Force? U.S. officials, experts stumped | Reuters

Digital technology and the war in Ukraine - Microsoft On the Issues

Ukraine war: ‘My city’s being shelled, but mum won’t believe me’ - BBC News

Pope makes personal appeal in remarkable Russia embassy trip
Could you imagine your chief of staff walking in and saying, “The Pope is here and he’s not going away.” You know the security teams on both sides were probably like, “Holy shit! This is really happening!”

Russian media accidentally publishes essay celebrating restoration of USSR
Well… There’s the goal folks.

After Ukraine recruits an “IT Army,” dozens of Russian sites go dark | Ars Technica

US sought China’s help to avoid Ukraine invasion, but Beijing passed information to Russia, insider says | South China Morning Post
A calculated risk.

ICANN won’t revoke Russian Internet domains, says effect would be “devastating” | Ars Technica
You mean devastating like shit exploding all around you??? I’m merely curious how devastating we’re defined here.

Elon Musk: “High” probability of Russian attacks on Starlink in Ukraine | Ars Technica
It is as I feared.

Facebook, Twitter remove disinformation accounts targeting Ukrainians

Wikimedia says it ‘will not back down’ after Russia censorship threat - The Verge
Remind me to increase my donation to them this year.

Destructive Malware Targeting Organizations in Ukraine | CISA

Thousands of satellite users offline in Europe following a cyberattack, is it a conflict spillover? — Security Affairs

A new iron curtain is descending across Russia’s Internet - The Washington Post

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Protecting your mental health as we watch an invasion unfold

Ukrainians turn to encrypted messengers, offline maps and Twitter amid Russian invasion | TechCrunch

Sanctioned Russian TV Host Vladimir Soloviev Cries About Losing His Italian Villa
You poor thing… people are dying and you’re going boohoo over your own choices. 😂😂😂

Russia appears to deploy digital defenses after DDoS attacks - The Record by Recorded Future

Maps: Tracking the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
This map says a lot about human nature and the desire to be free from oppression.

Ukraine says Belarusian hackers are targeting its military personnel - The Record by Recorded Future

White House responds to Russia’s decision to put deterrence forces on high alert | CNN Politics

Attack On Europe: Documenting Equipment Losses During The 2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine - Oryx

No need to declare captured Russian tanks, other equipment of invaders as income – NAPC
Oh don’t mind the the 17 tanks, those were from the war.

Ukraine is creating a volunteer IT Army to hit tens of Russian targets — Security Affairs

Teen who tracks Elon Musk jet is now after Russian tycoons

Russia-Ukraine War: Phishing, Malware and Hacker Groups Taking Sides

Ukraine Maps: Tracking Where Russian Forces Are Invading - The New York Times

Archivists Make Sure the Internet Doesn’t Forget Russia’s War on Ukraine

Russia attacks Ukraine nuclear plant as invasion advances | AP News

Attack on Ukrainian nuclear plant triggers worldwide alarm | AP News

US F-35s Flying Patrols Over Eastern Europe in ‘Full Stealth Mode’

Tech Companies Help Defend Ukraine Against Cyberattacks - The New York Times

This Startup Offered To Relocate Its Ukrainian Employees. They Chose to Stay.

Russian fighter aircraft violated Swedish airspace - Swedish Armed Forces


After George Floyd’s murder, police built a secretive surveillance machine that lives on | MIT Technology Review

Introducing Socket - Socket

Mental models for learning Rust

Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) Announced: Setting Standards For The Chiplet Ecosystem

Running critical workloads with Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate at Generali Italia | Containers

DDoSers are using a potent new method to deliver attacks of unthinkable size | Ars Technica

Let Your IPv6-only Workloads Connect to IPv4 Services | AWS News Blog

CISA Warns of High-Severity Flaws in Schneider and GE Digital’s SCADA Software

Lenovo’s Arm-Powered ThinkPad Touts 28-Hour Battery Life | Tom’s Hardware

Google mandates workers back to Silicon Valley, other offices from April 4 | Reuters

Lenovo announces the first Arm-based ThinkPad | Ars Technica