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Editor’s note: I cannot ignore Putin’s war being waged in Europe. But, this newsletter is a tech newsletter. However, as I’ve discovered I cannot unlearn my previous life’s skills. I have been thanked for providing another perspective to coverage of the war in Ukraine. One person’s politics, is another person’s life. All the Ukraine news is below the regular notes. If you don’t want to hear about it, don’t scroll down to it. If you think I should break this off into a separate blog, I’m open to doing that.


Tech companies racing to get their employees out of Russia - The Washington Post


Amazon’s assistance in Ukraine

The Resilience of the Internet in Ukraine | RIPE Labs

“I bought a one-way ticket”: Inside Russia’s sudden tech exodus - Rest of World

Anonymous & its affiliates hacked 90% of Russian misconfigured databases

Riga renames street housing Russian Embassy the Independent Ukraine Street.

Cloudflare refuses to pull out of Russia, says Putin would celebrate shutoff | Ars Technica

What Happened on Day 13 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine - The New York Times

Russia is trying to recruit Syrians to fight in Ukraine, U.S. official says : NPR

Google’s ‘Russian invasion of Ukraine’ results includes new search features



COPYRIOT | Spotify made a cowardly choice: to submit to the Kremlin, rather than support Russian dissenters

Ukrainians Find That Relatives in Russia Don’t Believe It’s a War - The New York Times

curated-intel/Ukraine-Cyber-Operations: Curated Intelligence is working with analysts from around the world to provide useful information to organisations in Ukraine looking for additional free threat intelligence. Slava Ukraini. Glory to Ukraine.

American Veterans Join the Fight in Ukraine - The New York Times

(50) Ukraine alleges Russia is planning “terrorist” incident at Chernobyl in latest claim about nuclear risks