I’ve written this newsletter from a lot of places over a variety of internet services. From the WiFi at home, to airplanes, to airport lounges, hotels, AirBnBs, VRBOs, foreign countries, and more, I’ve written DevOps’ish many different places and ways. But, today is unique because I’m the way off the beaten path in northern Michigan. We’re so far off the beaten track that there’s no cell service. There is WiFi from Viasat. I’ll say it’ll get the job done, but I’m reminded of working at low data rates in far-flung places decades ago. But, I think the view from this one is much better than the others.

Oh and this was my most popular tweet this week.

1550 CFP submissions for KubeCon Detroit and 3 hotels are already sold out. (@ChrisShort) on Twitter)

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SEPTEMBER 19 – 21, 2022

ArgoCon is designed to foster collaboration, discussion, and knowledge sharing on the Argo Project, which consists of four projects: Argo CD, Argo Workflows, Argo Rollouts, and Argo Events. This event is aimed at audiences that are new to Argo as well as providing depth to those currently using Argo within their organization. Connect with others that are passionate about Argo and interact with project maintainers. Learn from practitioners about pitfalls to avoid and best practices on how to adopt Argo in your cloud native environment. Get inspired by and provide input to Argo leads on project roadmaps.


JULY 28-31, 2022

SCALE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America. It is held annually in the greater Los Angeles area. This summer it returns to an in person show at the LAX Hilton.


After remote-work ultimatum, Musk reveals plan to cut 10% of Tesla jobs
Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica
“Musk announces hiring freeze and job cuts, has ‘super bad feeling’ about economy.”

Intel freezes hiring in PC chip division for at least two weeks
Stephen Nellis, Reuters
“Intel is ‘pausing all hiring and placing all job requisitions on hold’ in its client computing group, according to the memo sent on Wednesday.”

Update on Hiring Plans
L.J Brock, Chief People Officer, Coinbase
“TL;DR: In response to the current market conditions and ongoing business prioritization efforts, we will extend our hiring pause for both new and backfill roles for the foreseeable future and rescind a number of accepted offers.”


The Office Monsters Are Trying to Claw Their Way Back to 2019
Vivian Giang, The New York Times (via Yahoo News) “Now, if some corporate leaders have their way, there will be a new test for workplace devotion — and anyone who opts for remote work gets a failing grade. But can CEOs really claw their way back to 2019?”

The End of Localhost
“All the Cloud’s A Staging Env, and All the Laptops Merely Clients”

Helm charts repository index.yaml retention policy
Carlos Rodríguez Hernández, VMware
“Please note Helm charts tarballs (.tgz) won’t be removed, this action is only affecting index.yaml.

Sunsetting Atom
GitHub Staff
The second Microsoft acquired GitHub, Atom’s days were numbered. “We are archiving Atom and all projects under the Atom organization for an official sunset on December 15, 2022.”


Kubernetes birthday was this week. Hard to believe this technology is already eight years old. 🎉🎂🥳🎈🎊🎁

Telegram reportedly surrendered user data to authorities despite insisting ‘0 bytes’ had ever been shared
Jules Wang, Android Police
Der Spiegel reports from sources that Telegram has fulfilled a number data requests from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office involving terror and child abuse suspects. Still more data requests for other criminal cases have been more or less ignored.”

Useful utilities and toys over DNS
This is some of the most fun I’ve had with DNS in a long time. “dns.toys is a DNS server that takes creative liberties with the DNS protocol to offer handy utilities and services that are easily accessible via the command line.”
dig detroit.weather @dns.toys

Per-file OOM badness
Jonathan Corbet, LWN.net
“Christian König has proposed a new mechanism to address a blind spot in the OOM killer’s deliberations.”

Effortless Management with the K9S Kubernetes CLI
Edem Afenyo, ATA Learning
“Want to know how K9S works? Read on as you interact with a Kubernetes cluster in style in this K9s Kubernetes CLI tutorial.”

OpenCost: Open Source Collaboration on Kubernetes Cost Standards
Susan Hall, The New Stack
“Kubernetes cost management company Kubecost, working with cloud, vendor and user partners, has submitted an open source project for managing Kubernetes costs to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Called OpenCost, it combines a specification as well as a Golang implementation of these detailed requirements.”

eBPF, sidecars, and the future of the service mesh
William Morgan, Buoyant
“But just how powerful of a networking technology is eBPF? Could it allow us to, for example, replace Linkerd’s sidecars proxies entirely, and just do everything in the kernel?”

Open source Kubernetes troubleshooting and automation platform

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