The bivalent booster is kicking me hard today. I got it around noon and my joints were hurting by 3 PM. My neck and both shoulders are sore and tight. Compounding existing injuries. I also just watched my Florida Gators lose to Tennessee. I’m gonna take the a break from writing an intro this week.

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Linus Torvalds talks Rust on Linux, his work schedule and life with his M2 MacBook Air
Steven Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNET
“At the 2022 Linux Plumbers Conference, Torvalds and I have a chance to sit down and talk again about life, Linux and scuba diving.”

IT’s Stressful. Ask DevOps. Stress in the IT Sector [2022 Survey]
Gosia Hytry, Spacelift
This survey might be flawed because I find this hard to believe, “Women working in the IT sector experience much less stress than those in non-IT jobs (35% vs. 53%).” But, also, “DevOps engineers are more frequently stressed than the IT average. Over 40% of them admit to being stressed “often” or “very often” compared to 34% of the IT average.”

4-Day Workweek Brings No Loss of Productivity, Companies in Experiment Say
Jenny Gross, The New York Times
“More than 70 companies in Britain are undergoing a six-month experiment in which their employees get a paid day off each week. So far, most companies say it’s going well.”


LastPass says hackers had internal access for four days
Sergiu Gatlan, BleepingComputer “LastPass says the attacker behind the August security breach had internal access to the company’s systems for four days until they were detected and evicted.” FOUR DAYS? And YOU didn’t KNOW? Nothing looked off? No tooling was able to raise an alert??? HOW?

Update Firefox and Thunderbird now! Mozilla patches several high risk vulnerabilities
Pieter Arntz, Malwarebytes
Gnarly CVEs to vanquish and your earliest convenience.

Does the GitOps Emperor Have No Clothes?
Mike Long, CEO at Kosli, via The New Stack
Folks, stop being religious about things. You can use Jenkins and Argo. It’s okay. Trying to go all in on ONE tool leaves little room for those edge cases.

The Deep Roots of Nigeria’s Cybersecurity Problem
Olatunji Olaigbe, WIRED
“Despite having one of the strongest data-protection policies in Africa, the country’s enforcement and disclosure practices remain dangerously broken.”

What We Discovered Analyzing the Top 100 Public Container Images
Ayse Kaya, Slim.AI
Bloated containers are bad, complexity hinders understanding, and security issues are the three main issues seen in this report.

Last Floppy-Disk Seller Says Airlines Still Order the Old Tech
Travis Clark, Business Insider
The airline industry is giving the last floppy manufacturer busy for the next four years then it’s probably game over.


I spent two years trying to do what Backstage does for free
Ryan Donovan, Stack Overflow Blog
“Absent a time machine, telling others how to avoid my mistakes is the best I can do.”

Kubernetes Just Has to Get Easier for Developers
B. Cameron Gain, The New Stack
“A new group of tools and platforms is emerging to make K8s easier for developers to do their development work with little or no knowledge of Kubernetes.”

Chainguard releases Wolfi, a Linux ‘undistribution’
Steven Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNET
“Chainguard takes a new approach to building a container Linux with all the security you’d need already baked in.”

Lima VM - Linux Virtual Machines On macOS
Adam Gordon Bell, Earthly Blog
Lima is a CNCF project now. It’s a great project that enables folks to mimic whatever environment they need.

Git Revert: Rolling Back in GitOps and Kubernetes
Daniel Slavin, Komodor
“When using GitOps to manage your Kubernetes development, Git revert is a way to roll back while retaining complete version history in source control for all team members.”

Kubernetes Guide: Graceful Shutdown with Lifecycle preStop Hook
I forgot who I was talking to about it but, there’s a cleaner way to see if a pod’s connections are finished before being destroyed.

Managing Kyverno Policies as OCI Artifacts with OCIRepository Sources
developer-guy, Flux
“One of them is OCI Repositories feature that allows us to store and distribute a wide variety of sources such as Kubernetes manifests, Kustomize overlays, and Terraform modules as OCI (Open Container Initiative) artifacts.”

Tool to automate build instructions generation

DevOps’ish Post of the Week

This should never, ever be okay. Putin is a monster.

максим.еріставі on Twitter: “my family was just forced to vote at gunpoint in russian cosplay of a ‘referendum’ in southern ukraine: they come to your house, you have to openly tick the box for being annexed by russia (or for staying with ukraine if you feel suicidal), all while armed gunmen watch you”)


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