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I started the DevOps’ish newsletter in 2016 with hopes of lowering the barrier to entry into the DevOps and Cloud Native world while keeping seasoned professionals informed on the latest news, tools, and trends. Every now and then I hear from readers who have turned into fans. It’s a great motivator for what can be a thankless job at times. Here are some of their remarks, because sometimes it’s important to toot your own horn.

“Self-promotion is a leadership and political skill that is critical to master in order to navigate the realities of the workplace and position you for success.” ― Bonnie Marcus


"Even on vacation, I sneak in a couple newsletters. My fave link in the latest DevOps'ish (besides the ASODR survey ‘natch) is the one about open office spaces." —Nicole Forsgren

"@ChrisShort definitely has his finger on the pulse of all things devops and cloudnative" —Patrick Debois

"I don't read a lot of tech newsletters, but there are 3 that I do, for various reasons! Devops'ish by @ChrisShort puts so much good stuff there, that I must confess that I usually just scan the previous week's top 5, very convenient." —Jérôme Petazzoni

"Shout out to the DevOps'ish newsletter ( and to @ChrisShort for its curation. I learn something noteworthy every time it hits my inbox." -Johnny Boursiquot

"This newsletter is in my Feedly in my very special section. ❤️" —Carlisia Thompson

"I read this NL every week @ChrisShort gathers an amazing collection of tech #OpenSource #DevOps news. Worth a read and a subscription!" —Kim McMahon

"If you are not subscribed to the newsletter from @ChrisShort then take a minute and subscribe now. Always an interesting quick read across the full breadth of the industry - interspersed with a little dry wit and commentary." —Martin Woodward


“If you want to get the lowdown on all things DevOps, you could do a lot worse than Chris Short. He boasts outstanding credentials – he’s a CNCF ambassador, has experience with Red Hat and Ansible – but more importantly is the quality of his insights.

A great place to begin is with DevOps’ish, a newsletter Short produces, which features some really valuable discussions on the biggest issues and talking points in the field.”

Source: 18 people in tech every programmer and software engineer needs to follow in 2019 by Richard Gall for Packt

Special Thanks

Special thanks to CNCF TOC member and Weaveworks CEO, Alexis Richardson for the suggestion of Praise for the title of this page.

Also, thanks to Ginny Hamilton for suggesting I state the why behind this page.

Finally, thank you subscribers, friends, fans for making this project the thing that it is today.

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