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  • Ads are featured natively in newsletter emails and on devopsish.com
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Effective 2022-08-21

A one (1) week sponsorship has a fixed fee of $600 USD. There is a non-negotiable four-week minimum for all sponsorships.

Discounts of up to 10% are available dependent on length of sponsorships.

  • Sponsor a quarter get 5% off
  • Sponsor more than one quarter to get 10% off

All copy and links are needed by close of business Friday to ensure it is in the newsletter.

It is highly encouraged to change copy and CTAs every week.

DevOps'ish Newsletter Stats

  • Launched in December 2016
  • Praised by industry leaders
  • Previous sponsors include O'Reilly, Indeed, Datadog, Honeycomb, LogDNA, ThoughtWorks, WeaveWorks, and many more
  • Subscribed Contacts: 6,300+
  • Open Rate: Not tracked (see note on privacy)
  • Click Rate: Not tracked (see note on privacy)

A note on privacy

DevOps'ish takes privacy very seriously.

Significant effort is made NOT to collect additional information about the DevOps'ish readership outside of what is needed to deliver the newsletter; an email address.

DevOps'ish is not in the data-mining business. It's in the providing information to people business. The goal is ultimately to get data collection down to zero. Open and click rates are data I don't have or share with advertisers.

DevOps'ish tries to protect its readership from all the privacy-invading hell that exists these days.

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Example Ad

Monitor Your Container Environment in One Place
With Datadog’s Live Container view, you can see every container’s health, resource consumption, and running processes in real time. Datadog, a cloud-scale monitoring platform, allows you to easily monitor and manage your dynamic container fleet. Start today with a free 14-day trial. SPONSORED

Example Ad Note

Think of your ad in DevOps’ish as a tweet with a headline. The headline should be the call to action and where you want it linked.

A note on privacy

Please note, DevOps’ish does not track link clicks or open rate to maintain the privacy of its readership.

Sponsors are free to include any campaign (UTM) parameters you’d like so you can measure ROI. You can use link shorteners if you want, but, in general, I encourage using the full URL.

How best to share ads?

How best to share ads is a frequent question I get from sponsors. I suggest sharing ads in a spreadsheet of some sort. This way, we can both access them and enabling updates to be applied asynchronously.

If that doesn’t work, then sending an email every Friday is an option. If everything needing to be shared known in advance, feel free to send that over in one email.

I’m flexible when it comes to sharing ad copy and links. Whatever works best.

Regardless of the process, all copy and links are needed by close of business Friday to ensure it is in the newsletter.

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