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DevOps’ish 167

I got up this morning and was quickly exhausted from pain. I had noticed this exhausted feeling earlier in the week. It was the day of a doctor’s appointment to get injections to fix the mentally distracting nature of constant, chronic pain. I discovered, which is a nine-question test to give you an idea of your main risk factors of burnout. My two key elements are self-inefficacy and exhaustion (see my burnout report). Read more →

You Are Here

085: Ansible ❤️ Kubernetes, Spotting Fakes, Junior Engineers, Prime Disaster, Kubernetes, Awesome TUIs, and More

You are here and I really appreciate it! If you enjoy this newsletter, it would be great if you participated in the survey. There are already some changes I’ll be making as a result of responses so far. Also, if you run events in Europe, Asia, South America, or Australia please send some details for them to me. One reply to the weekly e-mail newsletter suggested including more international events. Read more →

Alexander Graham Bell Birthplace, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

011: Week of 1487480400

Alexander Graham Bell Birthplace, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom My apologies for the delay in this week’s DevOps’ish newsletter. When I opened the ole MacBook last night to hammer it out it dawned on me how exhausted I was. Instead of this newsletter I spent time with family and went to bed early. Sorry, not sorry. It was an eventful week in the world of DevOps though. Department of Choice Concepts Google Spanner was introduced as, “The first horizontally scalable, globally consistent, relational database service. Read more →