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Washington DC skyline as seen from Reagan National Airport (DCA)

079: Microsoft πŸ’’ GitHub, Kubernetes, Ansible, Amazon EKS, Uber’s D and More

Trying something different this week and sending out the newsletter on Saturday. Hit Reply and Let me know what you think. The big news this week is Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub. Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at The Linux Foundation, provides a very positive and principled take on the GitHub acquisition. I have been a believer in Microsoft’s commitment to open source ever since they reached out to me to discuss how they can improve their image in the open source community. Read more β†’

Watch Out! Them Gators will bite ya!

045: Sick Days, Kubernetes, Kaspersky, Go, AWS, and More!

My week started with a migraine Monday afternoon. My week ended with a right ear infection. I spent two days dead to the world. Having to take a knee and heal sucks. If a team can’t handle a member taking a sick day, something has broken in the team building process. Any member of a team should be able to call in sick without any other team member feeling like a ball will get dropped. Read more β†’

Paper Boats Afloat

044: Kubernetes, Go, AWS, and Much More

I had the pleasure to travel to our South Florida office this week. I participated in five quarterly planning meetings and Bankrate’s 2nd Hackathon. The quarterly planning meetings were pretty cool. It was interesting to see what all our dev teams were going to be pushing forward with for the year. But, the highlight of the week was the Hackathon. There were some incredibly creative ideas built around the Bankrate platform that I’m sure a few will be brought into our products soon. Read more β†’

Raspberry Pi Boards

037: Google, Debian, MongoDB, Kubernetes, and More!

Being a manager is sometimes quite interesting. You have these odd moments of honesty about things you want and you try to make them happen. Sometimes those things are embraced and sometimes there are probing questions about them. This week I travelled to the Bankrate Florida office in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. While working in a geographically diverse company is cool, it’s sometimes good to meet face-to-face to assist culture changes. Read more β†’

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.β€Šβ€”Dalai Lama

036: Google, #WITBragDay, npm Security, AWS, and more!

This week has been a trying week for me. I’ve touched almost every facet of what is important to me both personally and professionally. One kid having surgery, another kid catching a cold, moving into our new home, dealing with Veteran’s Affairs, addressing long-time struggles, new talent starting at work, getting things done, threats to friends on the west coast, threats to friends in Guam, Nazis on the east coast, and I did a lot of community work. Read more β†’

This Glorious GIF is Courtesy of Josh Atwell from his talk at this week's Triangle DevOps Meetup

017: Week of 1491105600

I started a new on-call rotation this week and it has really sucked. The team whose rotation I was added on to is mature in a few areas but monitoring and alerting seems to be lacking a little. They acknowledge that and my coming on to the rotation is partially to identify areas of improvement. The rotation I was on a couple weeks ago for a different team resulted in no pages all week and my bringing the team donuts. Read more β†’