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Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. —Dalai Lama

036: Google, #WITBragDay, npm Security, AWS, and more!

This week has been a trying week for me. I’ve touched almost every facet of what is important to me both personally and professionally. One kid having surgery, another kid catching a cold, moving into our new home, dealing with Veteran’s Affairs, addressing long-time struggles, new talent starting at work, getting things done, threats to friends on the west coast, threats to friends in Guam, Nazis on the east coast, and I did a lot of community work. Read more →

Woodward Avenue in Downtown Detroit

035: Google’s Toxicity, Security, SRE, Kubernetes, and More!

It’s 67 degrees here in Michigan at the moment. How’s the weather where you are? I’m not missing the humidity of the south at all. As I venture out into more of Detroit I’m continually pleased with the choice to move to the Mitten. America’s high five has a lot going for it! Metro Detroit Unemployment Rate Sees Largest Drop In U.S., Now Lower Than Boston, L.A. And New York. Read more →

Trying to juggle too many tasks will kill your productivity. Focus on one thing at a time. —David Neal

034: The 6Ps, Ops, Microsoft, Kubernetes, Terraform, and More

A long and arduous week in the world of DevOps for me. The challenges of management are quite interesting. Trying to jump start DevOps initiatives, change technologies, migrate away from legacy infrastructure, as well as hire and manage people is grueling and exciting all at the same time. Then 💥 boom 💥 along comes the most arbitrarily timed, poorly planned project you have ever seen to throw a monkey wrench into everything. Read more →

I ❤️ Tulips

022: Week of 1494129600

Concerns about Kubernetes Community newcomers dominated news this week. An established, well respected member of the Kubernetes community felt unwelcome. Someone they have had bad experiences with in the past was trying to work in the same space the well respected member was in (as part of their day job no less). The community huddled and decided that the new member was not welcome due to past issues. The Kubernetes Team’s decision was a huge sigh of relieve. Read more →

April Showers Better Bring a TON of May Flowers

021: Week of 1493524800

North Carolina, and particularly the Triangle area, has had an enormous amount of rain this week. The tiny creek behind our house was a rapid early in the week. According to the USGS, Falls Lake is almost ten feet above it’s average levels. There was one fatality as a result of someone driving around a barricade onto a flooded roadway. Common sense is not common. Please stay safe out there, folks. Read more →

Docker, Moby, Captain Ahab, Huh?

020: Week of 1492920000

Not quite sure what Docker is doing? Few people are. Docker is still Docker except when it’s Moby. Moby is open source and Docker isn’t (kind of). According to the official Moby Project announcement, Moby Project is NEW! But, Moby Project is actually the new upstream for the Docker project. Interestingly enough, the Moby Project exists to create “An open framework to assemble specialized container systems without reinventing the wheel. Read more →

This Glorious GIF is Courtesy of Josh Atwell from his talk at this week's Triangle DevOps Meetup

017: Week of 1491105600

I started a new on-call rotation this week and it has really sucked. The team whose rotation I was added on to is mature in a few areas but monitoring and alerting seems to be lacking a little. They acknowledge that and my coming on to the rotation is partially to identify areas of improvement. The rotation I was on a couple weeks ago for a different team resulted in no pages all week and my bringing the team donuts. Read more →

Hard at Work

016: Week of 1490500800

Last Sunday, shortly after DevOps’ish Weekly 015 went out, Nicole Forsgren of DORA reached out on Twitter to demonstrate how easy it is to find great people in DevOps. This is Nicole’s list of great folks out there DevOps’ing: Alexa Alley Alice Goldfuss Amy Nguyen Amye Scavarda Aruna Ravichandran Ashley McNamara Betsy Beyer Bridget Kromhout Caitie McCaffrey Camille Fournier Cat Posey Charity Majors Courtney Kissler Courtney Nash Dinah McNutt Dominica DeGrandis Heather Mickman Heidi Waterhouse Ines Hegedus-Garcia Ines Sombra Jennifer Davis Jessica DeVita Jessica Hilt Jessie Frazelle Katherine Daniels Laine Campbell Lara Hogan Lisa Phillips Mandi Walls Megan Anctil Nell Shamrell Pamela Howell Phoenix Johnson Rikki Endsley Susan Fowler Rigetti Tuuli Bell Zee Alexander unpixie If Nicole Forsgren can bust out 38 awesome people DevOps’ing surely you can come up with ten. Read more →

Why Doesn't DevOps Consider Front End Performance More Often?

015: Week of 1489896000

I have recently taken over as a co-organizer of Triangle DevOps. In a meeting with the other primary co-organizer we talked a little about performance. DevOps considers network, code, system, and other aspects of performance. Yet, we rarely, if ever, consider what we can do to help the most critical part of our products; the front end. The customer cares the most about the interface they use for the products we facilitate. Read more →

My Tech Influencers

014: Week of 1489294800

March is Women’s History Month and this past Wednesday was International Women’s Day. I have a lot of people that influence me. I observe and take notes from a wide group of people who have great experiences to learn. This week I would like to take a moment and recognize some of the fantastic people that have influenced and helped me over the course of my DevOps journey. This list is 100% personal and selfish. Read more →