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Trying to juggle too many tasks will kill your productivity. Focus on one thing at a time. —David Neal

034: The 6Ps, Ops, Microsoft, Kubernetes, Terraform, and More

A long and arduous week in the world of DevOps for me. The challenges of management are quite interesting. Trying to jump start DevOps initiatives, change technologies, migrate away from legacy infrastructure, as well as hire and manage people is grueling and exciting all at the same time. Then 💥 boom 💥 along comes the most arbitrarily timed, poorly planned project you have ever seen to throw a monkey wrench into everything. Read more →

Moving Sucks (and other obvious things)

033: More GopherCon, Women in Tech, DevOps, Kubernetes, etcdhcp, and More

Sunday, I flew back to NC to help close and move out of our house. It has turned into quite the saga that I won’t bother with trying to explain to everyone. But, having injections on moving day was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The world of DevOps was quite busy this week. Also, several great talks from GopherCon are available in various forms, including my GopherCon 2017 Lightning Talk: Golang to the rescue: Saving DevOps from TLS turmoil. Read more →

Ashley McNamara at GopherCon 2017

032: GopherCon, Linus speaks on init, HTTPS is a must, Cluster Schedulers, kubicorn, and…

I attended GopherCon in Denver this week (and visited System 76’s Denver office). It was an unbelievably positive experience. I attended as a diversity scholarship recipient (being a disabled veteran has *one *perk). I had friends there and met up with them the first day I was in town (I made a lot more friends as the week went on). I got to meet the wonderful Sarah Adams from Women Who Go at a welcome breakfast at Modern Market the first day of the conference. Read more →

Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado (I went ghost hunting here once)

031: Let’s Encrypt, Go, Kubernetes, zinc, Mental Health, Interviewing

This week was nuts. We dealt with a service degradation due to issues between our CDN and data center edge network. On a long, holiday weekend it’s the last thing you want to deal with. There were eighteen action items to come out of the post mortem (which was long enough to merit an executive summary). This was one of the weirder issues I have ever seen as it involved three different companies and a few bad hops in a network path. Read more →

Happy Independence Day, America

030: Week of 1498968000

Summer in Michigan is pretty interesting. Every lake with houses near it seems to have a fireworks display. There’s been fireworks displays since Monday. My poor dog, Sunny, is terrified of fireworks so this weekend we’re holing up in the basement. She’s heard a few pops today and is happily down here beside me snoozing. The world of DevOps is running full bore. Microsoft is making big moves. Kubernetes marches forward. Read more →