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Happy Independence Day, America

030: Week of 1498968000

Summer in Michigan is pretty interesting. Every lake with houses near it seems to have a fireworks display. There’s been fireworks displays since Monday. My poor dog, Sunny, is terrified of fireworks so this weekend we’re holing up in the basement. She’s heard a few pops today and is happily down here beside me snoozing. The world of DevOps is running full bore. Microsoft is making big moves. Kubernetes marches forward. Read more →

There is no such thing as a completed DevOps transition.

027: Week of 1497153600

Quite the week in the greater world of technology. Apple had an event and folks had a meltdown about their new show. GitHub had a rough week, Uber sunk to new lows, and Intel has fired a massive warning shot at the future of computing. A lot of DevOps happened too. Let’s break it all down. Full Stack Fest 2017: Problems of today, wonders from the future. Barcelona, 4–8 Sept. Read more →

Get It?

023: Week of 1494734400

I have to admit, I am really, really angry this week. For the first time in a long time a worm was unleashed on the web. A little back story. Years ago, the NSA found a vulnerability in Windows. Instead of disclosing the vulnerability responsibility to Microsoft, the NSA decided to keep the vulnerability a secret. Years pass and NSA is happily using this zero-day to exploit the United States’ various enemies. Read more →

I ❤️ Tulips

022: Week of 1494129600

Concerns about Kubernetes Community newcomers dominated news this week. An established, well respected member of the Kubernetes community felt unwelcome. Someone they have had bad experiences with in the past was trying to work in the same space the well respected member was in (as part of their day job no less). The community huddled and decided that the new member was not welcome due to past issues. The Kubernetes Team’s decision was a huge sigh of relieve. Read more →

Why Doesn't DevOps Consider Front End Performance More Often?

015: Week of 1489896000

I have recently taken over as a co-organizer of Triangle DevOps. In a meeting with the other primary co-organizer we talked a little about performance. DevOps considers network, code, system, and other aspects of performance. Yet, we rarely, if ever, consider what we can do to help the most critical part of our products; the front end. The customer cares the most about the interface they use for the products we facilitate. Read more →