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DevOps’ish 173

The impact of the coronavirus hit the tech events industry hard this week. In a shocking move on Tuesday, O’Reilly announced it has immediately ceased all in-person events. To add insult to injury, O’Reilly laid off their entire events staff during a pandemic. To make matters worse, under US law, they’ll get only a week of health insurance benefits, meager support for COBRA (super expensive health insurance), and any severance is based solely on tenure. Read more →

Times Square, New York City

059: DODNYC, Hawaii Missile UI, Intel, Kubernetes, and More

I attended and spoke at DevOpsDays NYC 2018 this week. The conference was very well organized. It was a truly unique experience held at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square. There were some absolutely amazing talks. The talks were all great. The one thing I enjoyed the most was meeting people and seeing where they were along their journey. There are a lot of folks, some in really big companies, trying to change their cultures and improve their environments in dramatic ways. Read more →

Chroma lit Macbook

042: Build vs. Buy, AWS Per-Second Billing, Hashicorp, Red Hat’s Patent Promise and More

Build versus Buy? It’s a question I usually asks candidates during interviews. There is really only one good answer; buy until you can build it better for cheaper. This doesn’t mean outsource everything. This doesn’t mean you won’t be hacking together cool things. It means that you have the business sense to know that you have core competencies that are either still forming, your team is small, or you have enough to manage in-house already. Read more →

Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado (I went ghost hunting here once)

031: Let’s Encrypt, Go, Kubernetes, zinc, Mental Health, Interviewing

This week was nuts. We dealt with a service degradation due to issues between our CDN and data center edge network. On a long, holiday weekend it’s the last thing you want to deal with. There were eighteen action items to come out of the post mortem (which was long enough to merit an executive summary). This was one of the weirder issues I have ever seen as it involved three different companies and a few bad hops in a network path. Read more →

Enjoy your Easter!

019: Week of 1492315200

Happy Easter! Hope you are enjoying your DevOps‘ing selves. I have family in from the northern reaches of the US. Trying to optimize time this week so no “monologue”; let’s get it! Department of Refreshment and Refurbishment Ex-Facebook engineers launch Honeycomb, a new tool for your debugging nightmares: Friend of DevOps’ish, Charity Majors, and her fellow team members have officially launched is an impressive product. I ingested a week’s worth of nginx logs in seconds and had a beautiful dashboard up in running in as much time as it took to write this sentence. Read more →