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Ashley McNamara at GopherCon 2017

032: GopherCon, Linus speaks on init, HTTPS is a must, Cluster Schedulers, kubicorn, and…

I attended GopherCon in Denver this week (and visited System 76’s Denver office). It was an unbelievably positive experience. I attended as a diversity scholarship recipient (being a disabled veteran has *one *perk). I had friends there and met up with them the first day I was in town (I made a lot more friends as the week went on). I got to meet the wonderful Sarah Adams from Women Who Go at a welcome breakfast at Modern Market the first day of the conference. Read more →

View from my office in Downtown Detroit

029: Week of 1498363200

My first full week working as Manager, DevOps at in Downtown Detroit was great! There is an amazing transformation happening here in Detroit. I foresee Detroit becoming a huge tech hub and DevOps center of gravity in the not too distant future. If you are interested in joining this effort and building a world class DevOps team at I am looking to fill one more DevOps Engineer position on my team at the moment. Read more →

Blast Door

012: Week of 1488085200

This week has been highlighted by multiple security events What an incredibly busy week news wise. No matter where you are in your DevOps journey it’s very likely one of the major events this week affected you. I am in the process of fighting off a sinus infection too so this week was a lot to handle. Department of Sane Workplaces Unless you live under a rock I am almost certain you have heard about the insanity Susan J. Read more →

Alexander Graham Bell Birthplace, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

011: Week of 1487480400

Alexander Graham Bell Birthplace, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom My apologies for the delay in this week’s DevOps’ish newsletter. When I opened the ole MacBook last night to hammer it out it dawned on me how exhausted I was. Instead of this newsletter I spent time with family and went to bed early. Sorry, not sorry. It was an eventful week in the world of DevOps though. Department of Choice Concepts Google Spanner was introduced as, “The first horizontally scalable, globally consistent, relational database service. Read more →