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Healing is Hard

050: Healing, Move Slowly and Fix Things, Observability, Serverless, Kubernetes, and…

And so it begins… The long road to decompression and the end of my burnout. As I mentioned in a blog post on Monday, I am Leaving Bankrate. It was not an easy decision to make but it was a move that needed to happen. I am considering writing a postmortem for the whole ordeal. I’m not sure I’ll ever publish it. But, it is something many others could benefit from. Read more →

Watch Out! Them Gators will bite ya!

045: Sick Days, Kubernetes, Kaspersky, Go, AWS, and More!

My week started with a migraine Monday afternoon. My week ended with a right ear infection. I spent two days dead to the world. Having to take a knee and heal sucks. If a team can’t handle a member taking a sick day, something has broken in the team building process. Any member of a team should be able to call in sick without any other team member feeling like a ball will get dropped. Read more →

Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado (I went ghost hunting here once)

031: Let’s Encrypt, Go, Kubernetes, zinc, Mental Health, Interviewing

This week was nuts. We dealt with a service degradation due to issues between our CDN and data center edge network. On a long, holiday weekend it’s the last thing you want to deal with. There were eighteen action items to come out of the post mortem (which was long enough to merit an executive summary). This was one of the weirder issues I have ever seen as it involved three different companies and a few bad hops in a network path. Read more →